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Seven ways to ensure you maintain your long-distance bestie at uni

We ride together, we die together

People always say that uni is where you meet your best friends for life. And that might be true but no one wants to be the person who completely pars off their old best friend in semester one, exchanging them for some random new thot.

Your bestie should mean more to you than that. So come, take a tour with me, as I tell you how to keep your bff actually a friend forever, whilst you guys are miles apart.

Keep in constant contact

Looking at buying some new garms? Text them. You saw a funny looking cloud? Text them. In a lecture and you’re hungry? Text them.

Tell your best friend about absolutely anything and everything you can think of. Yes, it’s a little bit extra, but it’s better than letting them drift away into the fuzzy, absent blur that becomes "home" when you’re at uni.

FaceTime all the time

I honestly Facetime my best friend like she’s my boyfriend. If she’s had a bad day, I call her. If I have nothing to do, I call her. I legit call her at least once a week.

Yes, I know I just told you to text them all the time, and texting is good and all that, but nothing is quite like seeing each other’s lil faces through your phone screen. It’s also extra good if you’re feeling homesick but really don’t want to admit it to your parents.

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Tell them everything

Nothing is too small or stupid to tell your best friend. Just as nothing is too big or too scandalous. Tell them about the person you got with last night, how your dissertation proposal is due soon, how an annoying boy ate an orange FAR too loudly next to you in a seminar.

Nothing is out of bounds if it keeps you guys in contact. Genuinely, sometimes I call my bestie so we can discuss our horoscopes and their potential meanings. I live for it. It makes my day.

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Visit them at uni

This one is a little bit trickier, so don’t worry if you can’t. You might have uni commitments at the weekends, or just might be short of cash. I don’t know you – I can’t judge you. But I will judge you if you have the time and the money to go see your bff but don’t make the effort. You can’t be so busy that you can’t spare one weekend in a whole semester. Don’t be silly. Go and see them.

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NEVER refer to one of your uni friends as your best friend

Nuh-uh. Wrong move. Of course people can’t be ranked, and of course you’re going to make friends at uni that you love with your whole heart and soul.

Many people can mean many things to you – it’s a complex matter, and it doesn’t mean that you love anyone more than anyone else. But don’t go making your bestie feel left out by constantly referring to other people as your best friend(s). That’s just a little bit rude to be honest. How would you like it if they did that to you?

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Do the most


You guys are probably far away from each other, so your dedication to each other has gotta rise just enough to fill the miles between you. Even though you might not see them quite as much, they still mean a lot to you, and sometimes you’ve got to prove to them that you still love them.

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Don’t be scared of seeming obsessive

Only got one picture of you and your best friend in your room? Not acceptable. Do better. Be better. You want to constantly be reminded of their gorgeous, smiling face and how much you love them.

No word of a lie I have a framed picture AND a snow globe of me and my best friend on my desk. I know I’m extra, but I love her, and the image of my glorious bestie, and the thought of our inevitable reunion, gets me through many, many essays.

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