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Elrow made last minute theme-change to Halloween event out of respect for murdered local schoolgirl

The Lucy character has been dropped

Elrow's Halloween music event took place yesterday at Mayflower Park, including typical spooky scenes of haunted houses, zombies and monsters.

The theme that was originally planned also encouraged guests to help solve the mystery of Lucy, a little girl who haunts the party from the grave.

However, upon hearing about recent events involving Lucy McHugh, a local 13 year-old girl who was stabbed and killed in June, the event organisers made the decision to drop this character.

According to the Daily Echo, a spokesperson for Elrow clarified the link between the names was not intentional, and when made aware of the connection, efforts were made to correct for this.

“There is no connection whatsoever between the character from Elrow and Lucy McHugh. This show theme was also devised back in June and to put it into perspective, the character is actually based on a Spanish Nickleodeon character.

"Elrow are aware of the news story and will be removing any mention of 'Lucy' as a sign of respect and to avoid any confusion, it was pure chance that there was a connection in the first place."

It was especially prevalent considering a fundraiser was being held today in the local area in remembrance of Lucy, and to raise money for bereavement support for parents who have lost their child.

The decision to change the theme of the music event has been recognised by many within the local community, with Lucy's mother saying the act is "greatly appreciated".

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