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We went on Trip Advisor to see what people really think of Southampton

Apparently the general public don’t appreciate two-bicles and a lack of basic hygiene?!


Jesters is the holy grail of Portswood, but everyone knows you can't expect champagne on arrival or an overly pleasant experience in the toilets.

Instead you're faced with the choice between a Jesticle and a Juicy Lucy. As well as the opportunity to fulfil your life goal of peeing with your bestie in a two-bicle.

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"Sprucing up," "toilets were horrible," clearly Luke and Vid aren't local students…

Cafe Parfait

Love it or hate it, Caf Paf is a staple to Soton nightlife (although their free chocolate is often questionable).

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The enthusiasm Ozan has for Caf Paf is the kind I wish I had for my degree.

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Something is telling me Jess doesn't like Caf Paf


Let's be honest, you'll only ever go to Sobar on Tuesdays for the £2 Quad Vods and then immediately regret your decision when you chunder that pesto pasta you had for dinner in the bushes.

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Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. ps it's spelt the**

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Keep your boyfriends at home gals

The Hobbit

£5 cocktail pints that taste of squash, need I say more?

Someone clearly didn't have enough cocktails to give the outside toilets a go. He also didn't notice that there's a whole cocktail list dedicated to LOTR characters

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We've all had one too many Gollums and not been able to pronounce our next cocktail order…

Wild Lime

An absolute must for pres and bar crawls, you'll always get drunker than planned and end up bumping into every single person on your course

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On behalf of Wild Lime I'd like to apologise to Peter for forcing him to wonder "why?…"

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She almost died?!?! – Wild Lime's biggest fan here

Hartley Library

The library is a well known battlefield post-9am during exam season. Students fighting over seats with plugs in one corner, others slowly fading away in the mile-long queue for the water fountain in another. Naturally, we're interested to see what "normal" people thought of Hartley.

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Sorry to break it to you "Andrew Andrew", but that is indeed the pungent smell of pain and suffering (and maybe a hint of Quad Vod scented hangover after a heavy Sobar Tuesday)

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You know that feeling when a cold toastie impacts your self esteem? No, me neither.

The SU

Just never ever accept an offer of a night out at "The Cube" without significantly low expectations…

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Pasties AND an ATM???? Highfield really is spoilt for choice.

What a throwback to the times when the most controversial topic on campus was SUSU vs. US name debate (the Vice Chancellor debacle of the last academic year clearly had nothing on that).