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Southampton professor who compared abortion to necrophilia given 30 days paid leave

Justin Murphy compared abortion to necrophilia in a series of tweets

Dr Justin Murphy, a Politics lecturer at Southampton, has been given 30 days paid leave after comparing abortion to necrophilia in a series of tweets. He also used the ableist slur "retards".

Whilst a university spokesperson told The Soton Tab they are “not able to discuss any details of Dr Murphy’s individual case”, Murphy has tweeted that he has been given 30 days paid leave.

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Murphy’s leave will cause issues for a number of students who have Murphy as a lecturer, dissertation supervisor, or Personal Academic Tutor.

In a further statement, a university spokesperson told The Soton Tab:

"In the event of an academic colleague’s absence, for whatever reason, every effort is made by the Faculty and University to prioritise the needs of our students whilst causing minimal disruption to fellow academics who may take on additional duties in support.

"Any students directly affected will be contacted by the Faculty as plans are finalised."

The Soton Tab has spoken to one of Murphy’s students, who has not of yet been contacted about the situation by the university.

Murphy’s tweets have sparked outrage, from staff and students alike. SUSU President, Emily Dawes, tweeted:

"Disgusted that one of the staff members at the University of Southampton thinks it is okay to use this kind of hateful, ableist and disrespectful language on a public platform.

"Just to re-iterate that here at SUSU we do not tolerate this kind of behaviour and I will be flagging this up."

Dr Charlotte Riley, History professor at Southampton, also criticised Murphy's tweets, saying:

"I don't have anything particularly against political science as a discipline but it does seem to be especially well-stocked with edgy man-babies who think a little bit of provocative posturing is a good replacement for actual critical thinking."

The Soton Tab will continue to keep you updated on this story as it develops.