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Rejoice! Southampton Uni have reduced the cost of printing

Students will now save up to nearly 50 per cent on printing

SUSU has announced this morning that they are reducing printing costs throughout the University.

The changes, announced via a blog post by Samuel Dedman, VP Education, have come about following a meeting with the WSA Campus president. This prompted Dedman and colleagues to begin campaigning for lower printing costs.

Dedman wrote: "I firmly believe that the cost of student printing at Southampton has been too high in previous years, putting increased pressure on the finances of many of our students".

The new printing costs can be seen below. The price of a single A4 black and white page has reduced from 5p to 4p, with a double-sided page now 7p (previously 9p). Additionally, a single-sided colour A4 sheet has reduced by 28 per cent, from 25p to 18p, and a double-sided A4 print-out from 48p to 35p.

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Credit: SUSU

Although the changes in pricing may seem small, over time it will make a significant difference in helping students save money on printing. Savings are likely to be between 20 and 48 per cent.

The new printers can be seen installed around university. They require a slightly different printing setup, which can be read about in detail here.

Dr Oz Parchment, director of iSolutions, the University IT support service, said: "The new printers also provide a more efficient and reliable service for all staff and students”.

Dedman has also stressed they will "continue to monitor" the printing services, to ensure that they maintain a satisfactory level of "value for money" whilst remaining "sustainable" and "fit-for-purpose".