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How to make the most banging pres playlist

Get the tunes on

Being in control of the aux cord can be nerve-wracking, it can be daunting having all that power. But with great power comes great responsibility.

We all know pre drinks can be the perfect start to a great night and having a banging playlist is the key to a great pres. This is our best advice about taking control of the aux cord.

It's all about balance

Between dance hits and RnB tracks, between hip hop and the cheesy masterpieces. Part Beyonce, part Arctic Monkeys. Part Childish Gambino, part TLC. Incorporating all of these genres is crucial for a legendary playlist.

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Set the mood right

Everyone loves singing their heart out. Having songs that everyone knows the words to is part of the magic behind having a good pre drinks. Lyric-less dance songs are great if your group of friends are into that, but songs that are easy to sing along to definitely get everyone in the mood for the night.

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Building the tempo of the music throughout the night is essential. You want to start off with the background music whilst talking, playing games and taking cute pics. Then as the night goes on and the alcohol starts flowing introduce the fave RnB songs – the point in the night when every drunk girl thinks they're dancing like Rihanna. But they're not.

Don't be repetitive

No-one likes hearing the same songs over and over again. Throwing something in there that you haven’t heard in a while will definitely get everyone pumped.

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