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18 reasons why you need to join a sports society at Southampton

Get involved!

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Freshers, this Wednesday is your chance to see all the sports societies Southampton has to offer at The Bunfight. It is a must-attend event during Freshers’ Week. Here are 18 reasons why you should join a sports society to make the most of your time at Southampton.

Meet new people

The beginning of university can be a stressful time not knowing anyone and having making new friends. Joining a sports team is the easiest way to meet other freshers in the same position as you. Chances are by the end of the year you will have made some lasting friendships by joining a sports club.

The sport

Whether you’re an elite athlete or simply a beginner, there are many so many sporting opportunities available. Playing sport is a great hobby and can help you get away from your studies. If you love competitive sports, then many of the university teams play in national and regional leagues. However, if you’re simply looking for something recreational, there are a range of less competitive options, which are a great way to have fun whilst improving your health and fitness.

Try something new!

Southampton offers 92 different sports teams. Make the most of your first year and say "yes" to whatever floats your boat as you may never have the opportunity again. Go to that Acro Yoga taster class! Throw yourself into a trampolining session! If you don’t try it then you’ll never know if it is for you!

Get out of your flat

Yes, it can be scary moving to a new place, but it’s not an excuse to stay in your flat. Joining a sports team is the best recipe to forget about missing home and family. By the end of the year you’ll have found another family you love just as much!

Social nights

Everything you’ve heard prior to university about sports nights are probably true. These are some of the most fun nights out you will ever have; from a shit shirt social, crate escape or pub golf, you are guaranteed to have a wild and wonderful time!

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Non-alcoholic socials

If the pressure of drinking makes you feel uncomfortable then don’t worry. All our sports societies run regular non-drinking socials from team meals to watching a football game at St. Mary’s Stadium.

Make the most of your first year

First year is all about settling into a new environment, making friends and finding out what you want to pursue during your time here. Don’t stress too much about your course and make the most of your free time and try the different sports on offer. Remember, you only need 40 per cent to pass the year.


This is the biggest sporting event of the year against Portsmouth University. Every sports team plays against their equivalent from Portsmouth. After winning varsity for the ninth time in ten years this year, the competition takes place in Portsmouth in 2019.

You can help continue Southampton’s dominance…and grab some boxes of free Domino’s pizza while you’re at it. It’s a day not to be missed, especially the celebratory night out at Oceana.

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Every Wednesday, the university plays against another unis in what is known as BUCS. This gives you the chance to play competitive fixtures against other Unis including our local "friends". You can also be assured that away fixtures are some of the best journeys you'll ever have! Be prepared for a messy trip back though. Lads get practising your Take Me Out speeches for those coach journeys shared with the netball team.

Spice up your pre-drinks

It’s only a week into uni but nobody wants to play another game of Ring of Fire. Join a society and learn some new games to impress your flatmates with.

Christmas ball

I’m not even going to bother explaining. Join a society just for this. Get ready for one of the best nights you will ever have.

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AU ball

Another chance to dust off your best tux or dress. The AU Ball promises to be a night of great food and beveraging with your team, celebrating a year of the university’s sporting successes.

Fancy dress

You can be sure there will be a time in the not-so-distant future where you find yourself dressing up for the first of many themed social nights. This is non-negotiable and a rite of passage. Embrace it.

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Forget about work

Your first deadline can be a daunting and stressful experience. It’s at this time you’ll be glad to have training in the evening, so you can forget all about that essay you’ve just finished. Similarly, in summer, you’ll be glad to head down to the hockey pitch for a hit about and take a break from exam revision.


Whilst the real politicians are miserably ruining our future (did someone say People’s Vote??) AGM gives you the chance to fulfil real democracy. If you’re keen to make a difference within a society, then find what interests you and join the committee of your club.

The stash

Who doesn’t like quality sports garms? Join a society and you can be that person who walks around campus draped head-to-toe in their sports team’s gear.


Want to go somewhere exotic and hot?? I'm not talking about the Jesters dance floor – the Easter holidays offer you a week of sport and shenanigans abroad. Your introduction to fancy dress will come very much in handy.

The memories

When you’ve got a full-time job working more than 40 hours a week, you’ll remember all the good times you’ve had and all the friends you made. You never know, it may even shape your future career! Take the plunge, it’s the best thing you can do!

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