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An important, honest and much needed A-Z guide to the University of Southampton

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Going off to university can be a daunting experience for freshers – moving away from home for the first time and having to live in a new city can be scary.

That's why we've compiled an A-Z guide to Southampton, using our knowledge to guide you through what you actually need to know about the University of Southampton and not just what the prospectus says.

Avenue campus

Much smaller than Highfield but very easy to get lost in, Avenue campus is home to all the humanities subjects. A ball-ache to get to for your 9am.


Southampton's massive society fair, held in the first week of Freshers'. It most likely got its name from the fact that societies will literally fight for your attention, throwing flyers and society pens at you with reckless abandon. You'll come away with more keyring bottle openers than will fit on your keys.

Chick 'o' land

You can never be sure whether you are actually eating real chicken, but it tastes pretty damn good after a heavy night of Jesticles. We've even heard people compare it to KFC?

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The glorious light at the end of the tunnel after a night in Switch or Parfait. Kebabs are to die for (at least when you're smashed).

Edge Wednesdays

The only gay bar in Southampton, The Edge always provides a messy night out with its drumstick-flavoured vodka and its upstairs karaoke room. One not to miss.

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This ticket-buying app will soon become your best friend during Freshers' and beyond – just make sure you swipe up those tickets on their first release.

Gold Card challenge

The Jester's Gold Card challenge is an INSTITUTION in Southampton – spend 12 hours straight in the Palace of Dreams itself to earn yourself the prestigious Gold Card, allowing you free entry to Jesters on most days of the week. Spend a half an hour in Jesters and you will know whether this challenge will be a piece of cake or your worst nightmare.

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Hartley Library

It might seem intimidating at first, but during exam periods this place will become your life saver. Get there before 9am though if you want a chance of catching a seat with a plug socket (the holy grail of seats).

'I am going to fail…'

…says the flatmate with the highest grades. Do a tequila shot and calm down, you only need 40 per cent to pass first year.

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Jester's Monday

… Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Monday is the biggest night though. The place is crammed wall to wall with students splashing their Jesticles and £1.50 doubles everywhere. You'll most definitely need a hair wash the next day and you CANNOT wear your good shoes.

Wednesday is societies' night so is often just as rammed, but mostly with hockey boys in their less than inventive fancy dress. Also good to go to on a Saturday if you don't fancy being surrounded by locals.

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Karaoke at The Stag

A completely underrated Thursday night extravaganza. You'll pop out for a quiet one with your mates but before long, you'll find yourself up on the stage belting your heart out to Mamma Mia. Get there early, cos by 9pm its one in, one out!

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Lover's Walk

A shady path that links Burgess road with Avenue campus. Beautiful by day but positively terrifying by night – you'll probably be warned against walking back late by your lecturers on your first day.


Probably the only place where you'll find yourself smashed and tucking into a sit down curry at 2am. Always seems like fun and games until you chunder up your Masala on Portswood Road.

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Night Bus

The university actually runs a "safety bus" from the biggest Soton clubs to get you back to your halls safe and sound.

Oceana Wednesdays

Possibly the largest and most well known club in Southampton, Oceana always provides on their student nights. After one night out with your flatmates, you'll discover whether they are cheese room, Curve room, or main room people, and you'll most likely lose them at some point in the night – the place is massive.

Avoid at all costs on a Saturday, as this is a favourite haunt for middle-aged locals fancying their luck with the freshers, along with 18-year-olds going clubbing for the first time.

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Portswood Road

That road with the run-down "Frying Nemo" chip shop, the endless charity shops and the old Blockbuster? Yep, that's probably where you'll be living next year. Welcome to the world of student house parties, dickhead landlords and being walking distance from Jesters, Sobar, Wild Lime and the Hobbit. You have all this to look forward to.

Quad Vod

A staple part of any student's diet, the humble Quad Vod of Sobar consists of FOUR shots of vodka for just TWO POUNDS. This is a quick fix to get you plastered.

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Buy a ticket off of a rep ONCE and you will never hear the end of it. Prepare yourself for an endless torrent of messages asking "Want Switch guestlist for tonight, yh?"

Also, beware of the boys who stand along Glen Eyre Road trying to hand you flyers. Even if you pretend to be taking a phone call, they will not leave you alone.

Switch Events

From Bongos Bingo and Abba Disco Wonderland to My Nu Leng, SASASAS and Chase & Status, Switch is the place to find all the latest clubbing events and DJs. Expect lots of bucket hats, bum bags and sunglasses as people desperately try to cling to festival season. Fatsoma at the ready…

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Turtle Bay

A favourite among students wanting to push the boat out and do something slightly fancier than Nandos for their mate's birthday. Go anytime apart from 7pm-10pm to get two-for-one cocktails (you'll be too poor to pay full price).

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Love them or loathe them, unless you are lucky enough to score a parking space at your halls, the Unilink buses will be pretty much your only option for getting around Southampton this year. Make the most of that free bus pass – you'll miss it next year.

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The biggest sporting event of the year and chance for sports lovers and haters alike to get pissed.

West Quay student lock-in

In the first few weeks of uni, West Quay will most likely hold a student "lock-in", filled with the promise of mad student deals that you won't be able to resist. In reality, you'll probs only get 10 per cent off of H&M and a free cheeseburger from McDonalds.

X-tremely shitty letting agencies

Yes, you will most likely end up living in a shit house getting screwed over by a shit landlord next year, but that's all part of the experience, right?

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Y did I go to Sobar last night

You'll end up asking yourself this in your 9am lecture because once again, you took it too far.

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Zero students in Orange Rooms

Unless you're there for a Freshers' or society event, you'll probably end up being the only under-30s in this club. Puts on a banging disco night, though.

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