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The Naked Bike Ride is coming to Southampton this Friday!

It’s getting hot in here…

This Friday (June 1st) a naked bike ride is taking place in Southampton. The annual event is organised around the country in an attempt to raise awareness about the health benefits of cycling and the environmental issues of travelling by car, as well as drawing attention to the vulnerability of cyclists on the roads.

According to the Facebook page, the event is free, and participants should assemble from 6:00 pm, to ensure they’re ready to start at 6:30 pm. It is expected to finish at 8:00pm. Although bikes are encouraged, other wheels such as roller blades and skateboards are allowed. However, participants are not allowed to go by foot.

Although the premise of the bike ride is to cycle in the nude, clothing is optional – ‘ride as bare as you dare’ is the motto. Lots of people have previously worn fancy dress and face paints and found creative ways to protect their modesty. The ride will begin on the Common opposite Omdurman Road (one of the roads you pass as you walk from Highfield Campus to Avenue Campus).

The planned route involves cycling through Portswood, Bevois Valley, City Centre (including Oxford Street), and the Avenue, to end where it began. It is expected to take around an hour.

So, if you feel passionate about the environment, or would just like to spread body positivity, head on down to the common on Friday and join in.

Image may contain: Vehicle, Transportation, Bike, Bicycle, Person, People, Human