This is what Bongo’s Bingo is all about

Half bingo game, half rave

Bongo’s Bingo has hit the South Coast and was of course a sell out event. This bingo game, however, is far from a Mecca hall event.

Upon arrival you are given a bingo card and pen but then the sound of 90’s club classics fill the room.

The nightclub Switch is lined with tables across its dance floor, with people standing up to dance away to bangers on the benches. A serious game of bingo commences after a rave introduction.

The game of bingo follows its traditional rules, with players aiming to cross off a line, two lines and a full house.

The prizes are just as wacky as the event, ranging from a life size cut out of Phillip Schofield, a box of Coco pops, a Henry Hoover, to a huge inflatable rubber duck, and the iconic giant pink unicorn with cash prices that increase each round for a full house.

There was a dance off for the final cash prize of £500, which was voted for by the loudest cheer from the other players.

Be warned – do not make a false call. You will have the entire club chanting that you are a d***head.

Don’t panic, you have not missed out yet. Bingos Bingo is returning at Switch this Saturday. Grab your tickets here!