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Southampton ranks in the UK’s top 25 Universities in the Guardian’s new League Table

We’re nailin’ it

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The Guardian newspaper have released their official University League table for 2019, and Southampton has ranked within the top 25 in the UK!

With an overall score of 72.7 out of 100, we managed to improve on last year’s ranking by 12 places. Falling just three spots behind Bristol, Southampton Uni have been ranked 23rd (out of 121). The table takes into account factors such as student satisfaction, teaching quality, and student to staff ratio, among other criteria.

Unsurprisingly, Cambridge came out on top with a score of 100, followed by Oxford at 97.4, and St Andrews, Loughborough and Durham shortly behind.

The breakdown of Southampton’s results reveals 84% of students who voted in the National Student Survey were satisfied with their course, 86% were satisfied with the teaching, and 71% satisfied with the feedback. A huge 95% of first year students continued into second year, and of last year’s graduates, the Guardian says 80% found graduate-level jobs within 6 months.

Some more general information published alongside the league table suggested the total number of students studying at Soton who came from state education is around 86.6%, with 72% of the student population from the UK. The student to staff ratio came out as 12.9 students per member of staff.

Take a look at the Guardian’s full league table for more information