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Vote for Southampton’s Biggest Bullshitter!

The final has begun…

We've had a look at the nominations for Southampton's biggest bullshitter and have narrowed it down to two finalists. Vote below on who you think should be crowned with this oh so prestigious title.

Nominee #1 – George Lee

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Reason for nomination(s)

#1 : "I was in the Gordon Arms and this Polish girl asks if I wanna go to the smoking area and she gives me a banging blowjob"

#2: "Spoke to a girl at Jubilee gym briefly and she took me back to hers, so we shagged"

Nominee #2 – Robert Hamish Loder

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Reason for nomination(s)

#1": As SUTC social sec and Eton alumni, Roger outdid himself in the bullshit department, which has also included claims of being an expert crypto currency trader despite having been conned out of his entre investment by a fraudster. Branding the tennis fundraiser as a cheesy disco night to lure in unsuspecting punters, Robert then employed a techno house DJ drawing multiple complaints from attendees (which was swiftly ignored and deleted from social media). He also initially lied to the tennis committee in order to try and claim a cut of the ticket sales, before eventually lowering his demands to a still outrageous ransom which was also swiftly denied."

#2: "Eton graduate and self-styled BNOC. You may know him as the 'brains' behind the latest Jesters craze 'Juicy Lucy Presents: Disco Fever' – featuring no disco and limited fever. Rob claims to have saved Jesters – apparently Juicy Lucy brought in over £4,000 of profit which he supposedly invested in Bitcoin and doubled of course. Anyway, according to Rob, the owners were so impressed with him that they begged him to run one of these nights every week. However, Rob claims he sadly had to refuse because, off the back of the night, he was contacted by a London agency who now want to offer him residency in a top Shoreditch venue. The agency and club apparently can't be named as this would breach the terms of a confidentiality agreement whilst it remains under discussion."


Creds to David Evans for the cover photo.