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All the stresses that come with organising a year abroad

They seem never ending

Year abroad lectures

First and foremost, the weekly lecture style sessions we have in order to learn about every aspect of our upcoming year abroad. There is nothing else which makes the coming year more surreal. As all the language students flood into the session I am reminded I never attend a class with this many people. At least it’s a comfort, we are all going through this together.

Where to go

Narrowing down all of your options to just one location is very difficult. There are so many factors to bear in mind when choosing. It’s like deciding on what university and course are right for you all over again.

Risk assessment, Risk assessment

Who thought such a small document could cause so much stress. Figuring out all the things which might be a threat whilst abroad, analysing how you would theoretically deal with all of these possible disasters is enough to put you off going on your year abroad.

Year abroad project

The main reason we are studying abroad, takes up a lot of time to plan, draft and research before we’ve even arrived in our chosen country.

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Getting swamped in paperwork

Figuring out what documentation you will need to live in your chosen country for work or study is a long process of researching and applying for a lot of forms. If only it was as simple as going on holiday.