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Southampton University has not paid their staff this month due to a ‘payroll issue’

Could be an accident?

The University has revealed today that it has suffered a "payroll issue", resulting in staff not being paid yet for this month's salary.

A statement was released this morning: "The University is aware there appears to have been a problem with processing this month’s salary payments to staff. This is being investigated very urgently with our bank."

There's no doubt things like this do happen, especially with a huge number of employees and large sums of money being thrown around. But you'd think the University would be on its best behaviour right now and not wanting to piss off any more staff.

The cynical side of me thinks it could be the University getting the last laugh after it's tiff with the Unions. A final mutter under its breath as if to say "I'm still boss." Maybe? Nah, that's from a dream world. Those things don't happen, right?

The University will give updates as soon as it has them.