Student David Tyoember leaves Southampton University after racist abuse

The racist abuse occurred on an online University spreadsheet

Student David Tyoember attended the University of Southampton but left the University after suffering racist abuse on an online University course spreadsheet.

David moved universities as he changed course but has said that the abuse influenced his decision to leave.

The spreadsheet contained offensive language, with the word ‘n****r’ written multiple times, alongside ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ and ‘death to all n*****s’,  and also “ur a f****t” as shown in the images below.

Ironically, one of the topics they could have chosen was online hate.

David was in his first term at Southampton University when the tutor asked everyone who was on the course to put their academic interests into the spreadsheet.

David was one of four black students in a class of 260 plus students.

In an interview David said that: “the tutor condemned the behaviour in the next lecture, but the Uni should have done more.”

A month after the incident David moved University.

The incident was passed to the police but no further action was taken.

In a statement to the BBC Southampton University wrote: “Staff removed the offensive material within 15 minutes of being alerted. The University launched an urgent internal investigation and informed the police… this incident was utterly unacceptable and the University condemns in the strongest possible terms the behaviour of those who sought to cause offence and harm through their actions.”

It is still unclear who wrote those derogative terms.