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A guide to Southampton’s top places for a first date

It’s not cool to always go to an ice cream parlour

You finally asked your long-time crush, Tinder date, course mate or flatmate's friend on a date AND THEY SAID YES!

But the next stress, where to go??

Scoops and Sprinkles are safe, reliable and quite frankly, boring options; so this guide will introduce you to some of Southampton's more original and alternative first date options.

Dutch Courage

Drinks are a good first date idea, there's not a lot of pressure and the more you drink the more charming and witty you will become (or, you'll find yourself more charming and witty anyway).

1) Wild Lime- nice vibe, got TVs and a pool table with 2-4-1 cocktails

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2) The Hobbit- a real Southampton treasure, with its pint cocktail challenge and themed shots, it's a place to release your inner nerd. The Baileys Hot Chocolate is a must try!

3) The Mitre- good ol' British pub: TVs, pool tables AND a claw machine, why not impressive your potential bae by winning them a cuddly toy??

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The Food of Love

So maybe you're feeling ballsy and want to do more than drinks, why not food? Just don't order anything antisocial or awkward to eat like spaghetti or something garlic based.

1) West Quay South- home to all the major restaurants: Bill's, Five Guys, Nando's, Zizzi etc.

2) Baffi Neapolitan Pizza- located on the corner of Portswood high street opposite Sainsburys. It does great pizzas and there's a 10% student discount!

3) La Baronia- a double threat, good cocktails AND boasts Mexican 'hangover cure' breakfasts. The dinner options are also pretty cracking.

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Arty Farty-

If you're going for the intellectual approach instead, Southampton has your back!

1) Southampton City Art Gallery- take a few steps back, stroke your chin and ponder what the art is REALLY trying to tell you… It's also free entry… Just saying.

2) SeaCity Museum- The museum has a permanent Titanic exhibit as well as a special exhibit which as of March 29th will be all about Southampton Saints Football Club. What better way to launch your love story than learning about the unsinkable ship in the city it left from, just do the honourable thing and make room on the door for both of you.

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3) Cinema- yes you spend a large portion of the date in the dark not talking to each other but Black Panther actually does live up to the hype and is really worth seeing. There are a couple of cinema options: Showcase Cinema de Lux if you're feeling fancy, the Odeon if you're not and the Union Cinema show fairly-new releases on Sundays for a good price.

Let's Get Physical-

Although it can seem it at times, Southampton isn't always a sedate city. There's a few adventurous things to do too.

1) Hollywood Bowl Southampton- okay, maybe this isn't Bear Grylls level excitement but nothing will impress your crush more than if you earn one of their coveted Strike stickers.

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2) Playzone Portsmouth- technically not a Southampton date location but it's an easy train ride and really good fun. Relive your childhood shenanigans, have fun AND get bevved on alcoholic slushies. The red slide is also genuinely terrifying, how kids do it without the confidence boost of alcohol is astounding.

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3) Go Ape Southampton- Always fun. Be each other's Tarzan and Jane whilst simultaneously being shown up by an overly confident and gymnastic 10 year old.

That's Southampton's finest destinations and my part is over. I've provided the venues, now it's up to you to ace the date and secure a second. Good luck.