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Staff will strike during exam period if no deal is reached

Further strikes are expected after Easter

The UCU's higher education committee announced that 14 more days of strikes will occur designed to hit the exam and assessment periods between April and June.

A proposal following six days of talks betwwen UUK and UCU was rejected overwhelmingly by UCU members.

The UCU has also appealled to external examiners, asking them to resign if they work for the 65 universities that have the USS pension scheme. They have issued "guidance and template resignation letters"

This could obviously cause massive disruption for students with exams at the end of this semester and could cause graduations to be delayed.

This is fighting talk from the UCU and implies that that they won't back down but will only ramp up the pressure on UUK.

Many students beleived that Easter marked the end of the strikes but that does not seem the be the case. The full strike timetable is expected to be released by the UCU next week.