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Why everyone should have an English student in their life

The only friend you’ll ever need

They may not be as impressive as the language students, or as hard working as the medics, but and English student is a valuable friend to have; filling a gap that no one else can. Once you get one, you'll never be able to live without them.

You'll never spell a word wrong again

Words and language are their thing. It’s like having a walking, talking dictionary – except probably a lot easier to use. You’ll never have to google how to spell ‘loquaciousness’ ever again (and they might even tell you what it means!)

They finish your sentences when you can’t

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No more sentences left hanging in the air, unfinished. When you’re not sure of how to say what you’re trying to say, they are. Effortlessly supplementing you with words to fill in the gaps until you’ve made your point. You won't be speechless anymore!

Instagram captions are a breeze

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English students know a lot of quotes – some useless, some perfect for that artsy pic of you in the park. And if they can’t think of anything, their literary skills mean that they can always rustle up a last minute pun if needs be.

If you’re super nice to them they might edit your applications for you

Make fun of them all you want for their ‘useless degree’, but when you have to write that application for your year in industry/summer internship/literally anything else, they’ll come in clutch. An English student friend will support you from the first sentence to the final full stop, and even help you trim it down when you run over the word limit – only if you’re nice to them, that is.

They know what they’re talking about when it comes to grammar

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Not sure if you should use a semi-colon or a comma? Not sure if you meant to use affect or effect? Practise or practice? Worry not – they will.

They basically have 0 contact hours

English students are never really at uni. Ever. So if you need someone to pop to the shops with you, or to put your washing on a spin cycle when you're out – they’re your guy. They’ve got nothing better to do anyway.

They know how to perfectly phrase anything

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Need to have a go at your ex? Need to say sorry for whatever you did on your last night out? Need to explain to your tutor why you’ve missed 7 weeks of lectures in a row? If you need to say anything a little bit awkward and you’re not quite sure how to do it, don’t worry – your English student friend is at hand. With planning skills that seem like pure magic, and a flair for language, writing your awkward texts and emails will be a breeze.