Which VK flavour is your Soton halls?

If in doubt: go blue

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An absolute student staple, the VK in all its sugary goodness is a symbol of any good student night. But within the array of flavours, a hierarchy can be found, similar to the selection of halls Soton has to offer.

Mayflower – Black Cherry

Trying to show you’re cultured and cosmopolitan, living right in the heart of the city centre, with your oddly extra sounding flavour. Living in Mayflower seems like a good idea; you’re close to Westquay for shopping and a stones throw from Ocies for easy seshing. But in reality, your student budget can’t regularly handle Westquay and relying on a packed bus to get to Highfield for only a one hour lecture is just too much of a ballache.

Glen Eyre – Blue

Blue is classic, just like the mighty Glen. Some say mainstream, others say reliable and always there for a good time. You can’t go wrong if you pick Glen, just like choosing blue VKs to induce bad decisions.

Chamberlain – Orange and Passion Fruit

Chambers is truly living the dream: the perfect combination of Glen location, en-suite and double bed and surrounded by a massive student community. But at 2 grand over your maintenance loan by the end of the year its all a bit too good to be true; you’ll have no money and you’ll be left feeling chunny when you overdo it on this super sweet flavour.

Archers Road & Highfield Hall – Ice

As cold as your crappy halls. Rarely seen out and about, people forget that you actually exist.

City Gateway and Liberty Point – Strawberry and Lime

Just a bit random. Much like this random flavour combination, which yes is actually tasty, but it makes no sense. The location is baffling and the reasoning behind their existence is in itself non-existent. Even uni-link pretty much rejects you in its bus routes, and lets be honest you’re only there because there was no room anywhere else.

Connaught – Apple and Mango

A definite no. Only if you’re desperate and there is nothing left in the Ocies fridge do you find yourself not really asking, more accepting this. The same with being allocated these halls.

Monte – Tropical Fruits

Seems like a good idea, but in reality is just a crappier and sicklier version of Glen (blue). Similar large number of students, but when you’re closer to the airport than uni its questionable if it can really take the top spot. Side note: great halls for sporty people, but equally they’ll drink anything…look out for rugby boys in fancy dress stomping round Oceana with 2 in each hand.


Photo credit: University of Southampton