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How to deal with ‘Post Netflix Binge Depression’

What true pain feels like

We’ve all been there. You’re five seasons deep into a show, haven’t left your bed in days, the outside world a distant memory. Then the dread hits you. You go to watch the next episode, only to find out it’s the last one. Do you watch it now or save it for later, so you can really savour those final moments? And more importantly, what do you do when it’s over? How do you come to terms with this gaping hole that’ll be left in your life?


Allow yourself some time to come to terms with your loss. It's okay to be upset. Of course, it's going to be weird to not have your 'Friends' marathon to come home to after that gruelling lecture, but there's nothing a tub of Ben and Jerry's can't fix.

Adapt to the Real World

It's time to go back to reality. Get out of bed, have a shower and eat something that may have some nutrients in it. That week of binging on KitKats and Pringles needs some counteracting.

Follow Actors on Social Media

This is when you know you're in too deep. You can't distinguish the actors from their characters. But you know what? That's fine, because scouring their Instagrams to try and find pics of the cast together or hints for a potential new season can really give you that boost you need.

Read Fan Theories

Especially a favourite for shows such as 'Game of Thrones', reading fan theories can really feed your craving for extra content. They can delve deeper into the story than the show does, and keep you hyped if there is another season on the horizon.

Find a New Show

Sure, right now you feel like you'll never be able to replace your beloved show. Nothing will ever live up to it. But eventually, you'll feel ready to start something new, only to kick-start the vicious cycle all over again.

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