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What to do on a snow day

It hasn't snowed unless I put it on my Insta

Nothing brings out our inner-child quite like snow… and nothing makes us feel as nostalgic as the glorious announcement of a snow day! Cast your minds back to when you were a child – struggling to wake up early for school to then discover that a perfect blanket of white fluff, delivered by the heavens, means you don't have to go in and so, instead, you can play outside with your friends and make life-long memories!

Take a picture of the snow and put it on your Snapchat story

Play in the snow…

Lay in the snow…

Be the snow.

DON'T try to use a Dominoes box as a sledge!

Don't have gloves?! Have a snowball fight in washing-up gloves instead!

Return home and have a cute bubble bath <3

Netflix and chill…

Have a hot chocy

Sleep and REPEAT!!

Enjoy the snow and be safe kids x