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Union President Candidate Interview: Shanelle Webb

Here’s what she had to say


Why run for a Sabb position?

My running for a Sabbatical position came as quite a shock if I'm honest, to myself and anyone else who knows me at all. I'd had recommendations but wasn't too sure whether this was something that I was really interested in doing, especially since it was quite new and daunting to me; but in my time at the university I’ve seen a lot of things that could be changed, and have heard a lot of testaments of students struggling at university when they really shouldn’t need to, in terms of financial support, mental health support, racial discrimination and even accessibility and sexual assault. I think that if you’re reading this and you want a President who is honest, real and determined to make the Students Union and student experience better for everyone, you should vote for me, because I have delivered in the past and would be capable, as well as invested in the role.

What point of your manifesto is most important to you?

This is a hard one because I feel like all my manifestos points are important, from championing green initiatives that are inclusive to all students to clamping down on sexual assault on campus. However I would say that the top three that are closest to my heart are greater representation of disenfranchised students on campus, due to an incident last year that the university is yet to act upon; as well as ensuring students have a say in the staff cuts and the universities stance on strike action, and increasing funding for mental health and financial services.

Why should we elect you?

You should elect me because I am the most determined, reliable and capable candidate, with leadership experience to show for it. I am relatable and honest, and will do what I have said I will do, as well as fight for what students want. You should elect me because if you come to me with a problem, I will address it for you, regardless of who you are.

What do you believe is the weakest area of SUSU?

I believe the weakest area of SUSU is outreach. I feel like there is serious voter apathy and I don’t blame anyone if I’m honest, because my venture into student politics is the least likely of all. I didn’t care for the elections last year because I felt that the branding of the Union is like that of a company, and I didn’t actually see the point of student politics, until I experienced firsthand students coming to me with several issues that were really affecting their ability to study, as well as cope at university. I think the Students Unions detachment from the student body is the cause of this, since it seems more trivial and less about students and more about profit.

What part of the election are you least looking forward to?

I’m not sure what part of the election I’m least looking forward to, to be honest, but I’m thinking maybe the counting of the votes? Other than that I’m feeling alright.

Snog, marry, avoid – Theresa, Boris, Jeremy?

This is a horrible set of choices. Can I marry Jeremy and get rid of the rest?

What Soton night out are you?

Anything urban!

Who is your dream dinner date?

SZA because she’s my favourite artist at the moment and I love her aesthetic!

What song sums up the campaign that you hope to lead?

If I could choose a song I would definitely say ‘Gods Plan’ by Drake. The video for the song really changed my opinion of him, I think its so beautiful, and I like the song anyway.

How will be recognise your campaign on campus, posters? Lots of colour? A logo?

People can recognise my campaign by looking for pink, or mustard yellow posters with the logo ‘Be the change you want to see’ on them!