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Live: Meet the candidates for the 2018 union elections

It’s gonna get interesting


14: 30

First up it's the candidates for VP of Student Communitites

Emily Harrison, Harvey Rickatson, Mingje Yu and Chang Lian are up

All candidates are being asked about how they could represent all communities from all background


Harvey Rickatson is being questioned on his manifesto and why he didn't mention international students in it?


Emily's asking Harvey whether his ideas of more ways for international students isn't new as it's already being done?


The interviewer is really going after Harvey's plan for using social media particuarly aiming towards students not from the western world.


Emily's plan to 'buddy up' an international student an a non-international student together is now being questioned.

She says that this idea can work and will work but needs to be implemented thoroughly

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Chang Lian says that social media is really important for international students to connect with their friends back home and in particular their parents.

She says she wants to use social media to help students within the classroom to will improve students learning


Emily Harrison says that mature students who are parents need more parking spaces and the university

The student cinema should also show more films aimed at young children for mature students with children.

Harvey says he wants more collaberation between the undergraduates and mature student also.

He wants to provide spaces where mature students can voice their concerns as well as providing links for mature students to get involved in sport

Who is Euan French, and why does he feel so strongly about candidate Emily Harrison?


Mingjie says that she wants mature students to have their voice heard.

When asked about a plan, she says she doesn't have a plan now.

She says she will have a plan in the near future.


Chang says that has a plan for mature student and wants to help mature students improve their career prospects.


When questioned about her manifesto, Emily comes out swining saying that she mentions 5 communities, not 5 as mentioned by the interviewer.

She also says that all of her policies have been designed after meeting with groups of all student communitites and having taken their concerns into consideration.


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We're being given the 5 minute warning from the team at SUSUTV


That's it for part one, the questions were tough but they're over for now.

The Tab will be back later with the next set of interviews

Tom Brown offers the point that there should be more instances of a two-way dialogue.


Right, we're back with the interviews for the candidates for VP Democracy and Creative Industries.


All 3 candidates answer the question of transparency by slagging off the current Union and the Vice-Chancellor. Fair play.


Rather strong questioning from the interviewer here. Maybe even tougher than the first round.


Evie Reilly defends her previous work for the Union well.


Chris Hartland coming under serious cannon-fire from the interviewer, who has accused the candidate of having "poor commitment".


He's fired his shot and moved on without giving Chris time to reply. Brilliant interviewing.


Tom Brown makes a good point regarding society funding by swing the inevitable situation of not being able fund every society to the level they want should not be the end of the road in terms of Union help.


The interviewer has dug himself into another hole. Why doesn't he run for the job?


Evie Reilly argues there is a very delicate balance in the relationship between the Union and University. Tom Brown offers the point that there should be more instances of a two-way dialogue.


Chris Hartland and Tom Brown both argue the Union has a lot more power than it excercises at the moment. They're coming for you Mr Snowden.


And that concludes the interviews for VP Democracy and Creative Industries.


Kicking of the debate for VP engagement, Alexandra Turda is advocating communication and feedback making good use of representatives

Sam Dedman agrees confidently, stating it is important to fill all academic posts. He points to his manifesto supporting representation across all levels such as postgrad students. He is then asked about specific methods to increase communication and feedback, and he outlines the current rep numbers and how matters could be improved by implementing more postgrad reps.


Current VP Sam Dedman agues how it would be advantageous to re-elect him so he can continue to progress with projects he has "on the backburner".


Alexandra is asked to briefly explain what she would bring to the role. She answers that she is keen to improve clarity and consistency around special considerations, and further support for Year in Employment students.


Talk turns to improvements for student life implemented this year – like free hot water and improved study spaces. Free printing(!) is mentioned. Alexandra says that she agrees with the need for free printing, but emphasises the need to talk to students from different campuses to find out what students want. She says that she has begun speaking to students – for example, talking to WSA students about weekend transport links.


Sam goes back to free printing, and talks about how this could be reached. He compares budget airlines advertising on boarding passes as an option to cover printing costs. He says that many other universities are exploring this or similar options currently.


Candidates are discussing year in employment. Alexandra note how some unis take a year in employment into consideration when determining final marks, and wants to allow this for students of Southampton. Also, students need to be briefed on any changes to the union and uni when they get back from a year out.

Alexandra would like to promote year in industry placements. A feels very strongly about year in industry and allowing students to get experience.

Sam wants to engage with VP engagement to promote year in industry opportunities. As VP Education he gives references for students and academic reps.

Sam believes it is more effective for course reps to approach their lectures to record lectures and talks about specialist softwares and licencing thereof. The uni needs to increase accessibility of course specific software and more general software such as improving mobile interface of webcat.


The sass! Sam Dedman implying he knows more about how to deal with the strike cause he’s doing it now. Fair play to him though he has a point.

On how she will deal with strikes, Alexandra proposes to put academic reps forward to do lecture shoutouts and engage with the students more to get a feel of how they feel about the strikes.

Sam comments he has been publicising faq between the students and the uni


Closing remarks

Sam believes every student given the chance can make a positive change on their institution.


Alexandra is really passionate about the academic student experience. She acknowledges Sam has the experience, but thinks she will bring a fresh perspective. One thing she would like to achieve is to improve special considerations, make clearer what they are and who applies for them

Sam closes by stating there is unfinished business, still stuff he wants to get right that he could do if re-elected. Especially stuff to do with sorting out the issues with printing.


Now candidates for VP Engagement will be interviewed. The candidates are Miles Jordan, Fleur Elizabeth Walsh and The Soton Tab's own Charlie Morris.

What we can expect: Miles wants to improve Fresher Rep training, work with RAG and other local charity opportunities, and make sure that students are made aware of support for mental health. Fleur promises to increase numbers of freshers' reps and combine with buddy systems, create a freshers' Volunteering Day, and update the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan. Finally, Charlie has pledged to offer incentives to boost engagement, to integrate enterprise experience into student life, to improve halls' study spaces and has created a hashtag: it's #ChooseCharlie for those interested.


Now candidates for VP Engagement will be interviewed. The candidates are Miles Jordan, Fleur Elizabeth Walsh and The Soton Tab's own Charlie Morris.

What we can expect: Miles wants to improve Fresher Rep training, work with RAG and other local charity opportunities, and make sure that students are made aware of support for mental health. Fleur promises to increase numbers of freshers' reps and combine with buddy systems, create a freshers' Volunteering Day, and update the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan. Finally, Charlie has pledged to offer incentives to boost engagement, to integrate enterprise experience into student life, to improve halls' study spaces and has created a hashtag: it's #ChooseCharlie for those interested.

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Charlie wants to engage with our students, and by god we want to engage with her.

What are the main problems that we currently identify?

Charlie is straight in there, and says that "100 per cent the main issue is communication" She says that our students are doing incredible things, and we don't know about it – so we need to speak to our students in face-to-face conversations.


Fleur agrees, and wants to dedicate time to our students, and use data analysis to find out what students want so that we as a union can improve knowledge of What Students Need. Biscuits are mentioned, and round-table discussions.

Fleur believes the most important issue facing VP Engagemnt is…Engagement. I am shook.

'Come get some biscuits' Fleur Walsh 2k18



Fleur mentions that you can't rely on surveys and has other ideas how to get feedback, so doesn't actually state what those ideas are.

The students are asked how these kinds of discussions can be facilitated with students who may perhaps not know anyone, and not feel confident speaking to a Sabb. Fleur says that surveys can be successful, but there are other ways to improve Sabb-student communication too.

Miles is a clever one, 'what's the point of repeating what others have said'. We hear you Miles.


Miles wants to engage with the other VP's, he also cares for the people who don't enjoy the bevvy life.

Miles says that SUSU has a problem: people don't really know about the impact that the union has with their day-to-day student life. He says he is looking to work with the VP Sports and VP Welfare, so as to facilitate better society involvement for students, and to create a 'community' on campus.


Charlie calls a 'round table' "political jargon" and asks Fleur how society-student engagement is actually achievable. Fleur holds her own – she speaks about improving the student website (including improving the graphics?) so that people are more aware of events. She mentions a hope for a better RAG relationship and making the process of voluntary work easier and less full of paperwork.


Fleur’s approach is very analytical, acquiring large numbers of surveys and making sure that at face value, the union seems to be doing fine. Charlies approach is to actually talk to people, attend all events, and receive constructive feedback straight from the horse’s mouth. Miles is also here.


Fleur says the engagement problem could be RAG specific. Oh no she didn't.


#throwback Miles mentions Union Southampton. What a troubled time.

He wants students to come and talk to him. Please someone talk to Miles.

Miles mentions the notorious rebrand, saying "that's all well and good", but focus is not enough on making students feel part of something. Fleur builds onto this by talking again about the website, but Miles wonders why website graphics are the "big issue" here.


Miles thinks the main issue of the union is people feeling disillusioned with the union not the graphics of the website.


Charlie is asked about how she intends to engage organisations. She says that as RAG president on a small scale she has hosted workshops and skill sessions that promote engagement with big and small organisations, and she hopes that as VP these kinds of efforts could be made on a bigger scale.

Charlie has worked with a number of societies and wants to be able to talk about issues face to face. She mentions that RAG has broken records across the board #humblebrag.


Miles wants to let the freshers know about the mental health services at the uni, that they'll never be alone. Miles cares about you.


Fleur commends his plan for pushing mental health onto the agenda, saying that she has personally been reliant on these services and a workshop for Freshers' Reps on these types of support would be invaluable and easily applicable.


Miles clarifies that Freshers' Rep training is "really well done", but that he simply wants to tweak it with an extra couple of hours.

Charlie "totally disagrees", arguing that training as it stands is not up to standard: that reps do not feel ownership of events and do not feel appropriate responsibility. She expounds on this, saying that the application process is too easy, the incentive of a Masterpass perhaps encourages students not to take the position seriously, and that the whole training period is made too informal. Marcus now agrees with her.

Fleur wants to add a completely new role, an Academic fresher rep.


'Throwing more people at it won't fix the problem' Charlie Morris 2k18

Fleur wants everyone to have a role, ROLES FOR EVERYONE.

Fleur leads the conversation into employability, and hopes that experiences like being a Freshers' Rep could be exemplary at UoS, and hints at possible incentives for reps in this. She introduces her plans for an Enterprise Awareness Week.

Miles agrees, and advocates for monthly meetings to improve communication and awareness about enterprise opportunities.


Charlie says putting their awareness campaigns all in one week actually limits their autonomous societies, disagreeing with Fleur.

Charlie said we should promote the events already being run instead of putting on our own events.


Fleur is saying she wouldn't go along with things in her manifesto if people within Enterprise won't agree with it.

Fleur is asked if she has consulted students on her plan. She says that she "hasn't had the chance", and points to an "issue with engagement" here.
Charlie has spoken to the Enterprise officer and she has been making efforts to understand the autonomy of enterprise societies, and emphasises a need to promote events rather than reform the system entirely.

Miles says 'let them be'. LET THEM BE.


Miles thinks we should feed the homeless #wokemiles.

Charlie says she has so many links with a lot of charities and use these links to integrate different aspects of volunteering.

'Our students have skills let them use them' Charlie Morris 2k18.

Fleur criticises the "casual volunteering on a Wednesday" system, especially given that Wednesday afternoons clash with sport commitments. Charlie retorts that "we have to start somewhere". She wants to make it as easy as possible for people to volunteer as it is a flexible initiative.

Fleur speaks about her plan for a university-wide volunteering day, so that students can learn about volunteering opportunities and engage with this work flexibly.

Fleur 'I think it's an exaggeration to say you've spoken to all the charity leaders'

Charlie 'I haven't spoken to all, I've spoken to most'

Fleur: 'Oh that's okay'



Fleur 'I represent a happy medium between someone who is qualified and under qualified' SHOTS FIRED AGAINST MILES

Miles is aware he is under qualified. #wokemiles

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Our VP Sports candidates


Now it's time for VP Sports, the candidates are current VP Sports Steve, Paddy and Jiaxin.

Everyone got the white memo it seems. The differences between Steve and Paddy’s t-shirt effort is stark.


Paddy wants to bring in a women’s hour, a tense topic that was brought up last year. Steve wants to bring in representation for gym users. It hasn’t been picked up enough this year, so he wants to continue with this.

Steve wants the students to feel listened to. We hear you Steve.


Jiaxin wants to take videos and believes there’s no space for WSA students to exercise.


Paddy apparently believes that some women find it uncomfortable exercising with men or in front of men. He grew up in the Middle East #culturalbae.

He admits modesty wasn’t the best word to use when discussing why there needs to be a women’s hour.

Paddy says there will be one or two hours a week for women who don’t want to exercise with men, but if they don’t want to they can go to the normal hours. ‘It’s not much of an issue’.

‘I can’t promise the world’ Paddy 2K18. Giving us hope for his campaign.


Steve says that there has never been a call for a women’s hour during his time as VP Sport. He wants more inclusive campaigns, for people from all genders and backgrounds.

Jiaxin has nothing to say.


The topic of budget cuts arise.

Steve admits it wasn’t handled amazing.

The Sports budget was cut by 15%, more than he expected.



He pledges to take a firm stand against the union block grant.

‘Everything seems to be cut but buildings’

Steve wants to invest in the student experience, even if it’s not in the union.


Steve acknowledges that students will do drugs. There's nothing we can do to stop this, but we can make sure they are doing so safely. He proposes SUSU should give out drug testing kits to ensure that no recreational drug users are taken ill.

Steve stresses that he does not condone the use of drugs but we must remain vigilant to its presence and use amongst students.


Jiaxin wants to give gifts out to students, such as a wristband that Steve is wearing. The Tab will take a wristband pls

Jiaxin is called up on the fact that there are no key points in her manifesto. She says she wants people to know more about sports within the uni and will do more exercise herself. Health and fitness KWEEN

For Paddy, nothing is too much of an issue.

Paddy wants to play some rugger and have some fun. And why shouldn’t he?!


Steve says the main issue is with the weather, and we can’t stop the rain. We believe you could stop the rain Steve.

There’s about to be beef. Paddy is adding to Steve’s point about inter-murals.

‘Let me finish’. Paddy, the disciplinarian.

Steve wants to help with inter-mural recruitment. Jiaxin has no comments.

Jiaxin wants some free space. Don’t we all, Jiaxin.

Paddy admits he got one of the policy’s on his manifesto wrong. #confessioncam


‘It doesn’t take much of a brain to work out you can ask SUSUTV to film you’


Jiaxin said we should share videos so everyone can see them. Simple but effective.


Paddy is called out on the short length of his manifesto. Hopefully that’s not the only thing that’s short #lol.

The lights just went out. That just about sums up the excitement of this interview.


Paddy knows how to get sponsers but doesn’t elaborate on how.

Every answer Jiaxin has given has been ‘share videos every day’.

The presenter suggests video evidence might be intrusive, that maybe feedback would work better.

Jiaxin says she likes watching videos. Fair play.


Steve is cheesy but we dig.

Steve and Paddy are both experienced. Jiaxin has no experience but confidence #confidentbae


And we're back! We're now onto the Union President Candidates: Lii Mohammed, Emily Dawes, Matt Cowley and Shanelle Webb.

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Lii reckons he will bring himself to the role, and the Tab thinks that would help.

He has been involved in many things such as: President of the Law society twice as well as RAG. He knows how SUSU works.

'There's so many things wrong with SUSU nad so many things right with it.'


The candidates are asked: What would you bring that the current president hasn’t already?

Lii: I would bring freshness; I would bring me. I have been law president RAG officer. I know what needs to be changed

Emily: I know what needs to be changed – bring in a focus on welfare and wellbeing. Im here to make sure every student has an experience they will love and enjoy.

Shanelle: The union should be inclusive and I will tackle issues of racism.

Matt: The union should come to students rather than waiting for students to come to it.

Matt inverted the question, Matt's a risk taker.


Lii calls Shanelle Chantell. Bae.

Lii calls out the lack of diversity within the elections, and wants to tackle this problem. He says he worked with VP Communities to research some statistics and he says Southampton has a massive percentage of students from ethnic minorities.


The presenter asks Matt to clarify what the number one student union is, as she couldn't find this herself. Matt says he doesn't know what the number one is, but he knows it's not SUSU.

Lii: Why are ethnic minorities not getting involved? We are not doing all we can do to include them?

Matt: SUSU should become the most student run union – look at the best parts of other student unions. Its about laying the groundwork – this may not be completed in a year but we could certainly make good progress. A fundamental shift is needed

Shanelle: Different communities have very different needs that aren’t being catered to. A president should improve diversity in all aspects of student life.


Shanelle says President should be a jack of all trades, and not just focus on Welfare, although her manifesto focuses mainly on community and diversity manifestos.


Emily Dawes says wants to represent everyone, and says normally the union is white, straight and able-bodied. She emphasises how beautiful she believes the student building looks, as it is currently covered with Gay Pride flags.


Emily says she doesn't recommend we follow her Twitter. Brb just gona look at her Twitter. We're also a fan of her colourful trousers, just as a PSA.


The presenter asks what Emily is actually going to do to increase inclusivity and diversity within the Union. She says she's going to use soial media. Groundbreaking.

Emily: We rely heavily on Facebook, but you have to be able to understand English to follow these posts. I want to run research into what social media we are using and how we use it. More time and effort need to be put into social media to be inclusive to everyone.


Matt: I’d like to see the Sabb officers actively talking to students and making their availability known.

Lii wants to embrace societies, as this is the best way to gain and maintain interest.


Lii wants go have 'How To' videos made, if they didn't want to go to a person to have a question answered. He also suggests a help desk for societies to ask urgent questions.


Shanelle: There should be more access to mental health services. Current waiting times are not acceptable. The council and university should work together to tackle this. We are doing something right by having shorter waiting times than the NHS, but more needs to be done.


We're trying to work out Emily's accent. Is she English? Is she Australian? Is she American? Or is she just v posh?

Emily: Resources are not good enough for less prevalent mental health problems. The most important thing is to discuss mental health problems such as suicide and get them out in the open.


Emily says she's 'getting worked up because it's very hot in here'. Btw, the Tab have seats by the window so we're chill. Union clique who? Union clique where?


Matt says 'I don't like talking about my mental health but I'm going to.' We salute you Matt.

Lii: Student consultation is low. They have amazing ideas and we need to engage with them.

Matt: Current services are very unfriendly. Giving student the ability to talk to us and provide a plan of action.

Emily says half of the student population don't know what a You Make Change is. She's right because I don't have a clue.


Shanelle: The union should spea more to the students. There is serious voter apathy, the majority of student don’t care about the union. They feel like the union is not transparent or trustworthy. We need to make the students trust us and make them feel that we are accountable.

We're also a fan of Shanelle's pink jacket. Union President Candidates slaying.


The presenter says students may not trust you, you have to prove that you are trustworthy. Fair point.

Lii: 'The Union is not transparent. A lot of students don't know that we need to money from our commercial outlets such as The Bridge to fund our societies.' I didn't know that, Lii is hitting us with the straight facts.


Matt: 'If I do something wrong, sack me.' Be careful what you say Matt!


We're moving onto the topic of free speech, this should be interesting.


'Your freedom of speech shouldn't infringe on people's human rights.' Preach Emily, preach.

'As a president, I will put you and your rights first.' Emily is hitting us with these strong quotes


Matt wants to implement a re-call process.

Shanelle seconds and says there should be an independent that looks at the progress of the sabbs.

Lii disagrees, and says this is the sabbs job, but there should be a disciplinary board. He believes in an open door policy for this.


There's beef, finally.

Matt says there shouldn't be a distinction between the students and sabbs, Lii firmly disagrees.

Lii doesn't think an average student should run a disciplinary board. Matt retorts and asks Lii if he thinks student leaders have more qualifications than the average student to lead a board. Lii simply says, 'Yes'.


Lii believes that any info that can be shared, should be.

He said there used to be a pound mural back to when he was a fresher, which Flora said she would bring back but it hasn't yet. Lol shade.


Emily: 'consent is treated as a joke'. She believes that we have to make resources available, that consent also includes spiking your friends drink before going out.

'There needs to be staff training for everyone – get involved with pubs and clubs in the city. Educate the businesses on what consent really is. Consent is still seen as a joke in many places – we need to educate people against this. The real figure of sexual assault is much higher than we think it is.'

Shanelle believes that there should be more resoures out there for students having sex, for example the morning after pill.


Matt is unaware of the current procedures when it comes to dealing with sexual assault and consent. Emily thinks this is the problem.


Lii says he will do the change we want to see when asked why we should vote for him.


Shanelle believes her manifesto is straight-forward. She wants students to have their say. She may also just have stole Lii's tagline but we'll move on.

Matt will say he will take £1000 out of his own slaary and put it into the Union. It may take more than that.

And that's a wrap on the Union President Candidates, next up is VP Welfare with 6 CANDIDATES. God help us.

Here with us we have, Iona McPherson, Dave Williams, Olivia Reed, Miriam Barker, Mairin Williams and Isabella Camillieri


Olivia: I've been on 3 society committees, all have provided me with experience of student welfare

Isabella: I'm driven, friendly and approachable. These, with my passion for student welfare show why I would be a good candidate.


Miriam: I know how to be approachable and kind hearted. I have lots of experience with mental health issues on campus.

Dave: I've built up contacts with susu and will use these to improve welfare .

Iona: The Tab has worked alongside many union groups and using this experience I will increase welfare within the union.


Dave: I want to have at least one welfare trained member of every committee, as a first point of contact for support.

Miriam: Improve communication between staff and students. All student need a first point of contact when they need help.


Iona: I would create an online wellbeing guide, including where to go for money, living or mental health issues. Students should always feel safe on campus and in the city.

Isabella: More signposting of services is needed so students know they can reach out for help. I'd create 'find a housemate' system to match housemates based on their interests.


Mairin: I want to push the sustainability movement forward. Instigate this union wide to reduce use of single use plastic. Increase awareness of environmentally friendly businesses in the city.

Olivia: I want to focus on mental health services including increasing access to support. This is a massive priority.


Mairin: Mental health needs to be de-stigmatised. Through training for this role I could understand what is preventing improvements to mental health services.


This whole time there has been an orchestra playing outside and I feel like I'm in James Bond film.

Iona believes we should follow the SCA movement and have a mental health week. She also believes we should have a day specifically for male mental health.


The eyebrow game is strong with this panel.

Olivia: 'This is a real issue not just a campaign. It's not something that should be constrained by funding, it's a priority.'

Isabella: 'Mental health is not a trend. I think we should use the links we already have, such as Students Minds or Solent Mind. Sometimes it's hard for someone to accept they have a problem and find a place that can help them.'


Miriam: 'For me mental health is not a tokenised thing, it's a real issue. It makes sense that wellbeing is one of the first things we fix. There's a lot of things that don't cost money at all, such as raising money for charities. Students need to be reminded that they can take a break and relax.'


The question of the house party culture has been raised.

Olivia says there should be services for people.

Mairin wants to implement an addiction awareness campaign, something she's never seen before on campus.

Both Olivia and Mairin suggest a nightline to help people in need. They both agree that if there was an urgent issue at hand, students should contact the emergency services.


Isabella: Campaigns aimed at freshers could increase awareness of the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Students should be taught basic first aid.

Iona: Drug/alcohol abuse falls under mental health. Students should know that they can contact enabling services for these issues.

Miriam: Would like to see an app which can warn friends when you are in trouble for whatever reason.


Dave: SUSU should be 'ready when you are' and always available to students.

Should the union acknowledge recreational drug culture?

All candidates think so, in order to increase the help that is available.

Olivia: Data protection is a major issue which is not being addressed currently. Internet security and cyber bullying also fall under this issue.

Iona: Bike leasing is a big cost, but in the long run we will make a profit, due to their popularity. There is plenty of space for the allotments in Southampton. I would speak to the university, however, the allotments wouldn't have to be on university grounds.

Mairin: Would also like to implement allotments in order to increase biodiversity across the university. Being able to access green spaces will increase welfare.


Miriam: 'Not all the marking is done as anonymously as I first thought.'

'Teachers may think you're pretending to have a mental illness.' Also, we dig the pink hair Miriam.


Dave: 'Not everyone knows about the safety bus. If we can get people door to door it obviously reduces a lot of risk. We should have a form of communication between The Bridge, Stags and the safety bus.'

The presenter said Dave's ideas weren't groundbreaking. We love the shade, have they been inspired by our blog?


Isabella: 'Lecturers haven't responded well when their students have asked for help. They don't necessarily need to have a solution, but the resources available.'


Mairin mentioned Blue Planet 2 and we're all perked up for 0.2 seconds.

Miriam: 'You just want to throw something in the first bin you see.' Issa truth

'Wellbeing and sustainability are so separate. I would prioritise student welfare.'


Yes we're still here. They're talking about recycling.


The presenter is shaaaaaaady. And we're living for it it.



Olivia: Great work has been done this year, I would be a great candidate as I would focus on 5 key areas and build on the measures already put into place this year.

Isabella: Sam has done a great job with sustainability. I'd emphasise the improvement of mental health services.

Miriam: I have personal experience dealing with welfare problems and experience dealing with the union.

Dave: I'd bring my experience together to help people.

Iona: Sam has given us a great platform to continue her work. I am compassionate and would like to help all students.

Mairin: I would focus on sustainability and aim to create a greener campus.