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VP Sports Candidate Interview: Stephen Gore

Here’s what he had to say


What made you want to run for a Saab position?

Last year I ran to be a sabbatical officer because I looked around and felt like I was the most experienced candidate with a well rounded background of competing and organising sport at all levels within University. I felt I had some fresh and well thought out ideas to bring to the table. This time is no different, except now I have a year’s worth of experience in the role to guide my manifesto into something that’s appropriate and achievable. I also want to be able to see my projects and priorities from this year done to the best of my abilities.

What’s your favourite point in your manifesto?

I’d say my policies on healthy lifestyles and welfare are the most interesting. A part of the role that is often overlooked is the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle. My nutrition policies are about empowering students to make the most informed choice that won’t break the bank, whilst I also want to see SUSU begin to offer better support to students who choose to take recreational drugs by making drug testing kits available to identify potentially dangerous contaminants. It is too convenient for us to ignore the issue and I think we need to be brave and talk about drugs openly and honestly before a student becomes seriously hurt.

Why are you the best person for this role?

I think I’m the best person for the role because I offer consistency, experience, and a genuine promise to put students’ interests first and foremost in everything I do. My manifesto is also the only manifesto that seeks to address club finances which is the most pressing issue for AU clubs at the moment.

What do you think is currently the weakest area of SUSU?

In the past the Union hasn’t stood up to the University on issues that affect students most. The current team has been better at this but there is still work to do. We need to accept that we are here to challenge the University and that we should only answer to the students we represent. If re-elected I will strongly oppose any further cuts to the Union block grant and demand further re-investment into the student experience.

What are you least looking forward to during your election campaign?

Elections night live! It’s going to be a stressful evening, but I’m looking forward to the relief of finding out the results so I can plan my life for the next year.

Snog, marry and avoid: Theresa May, Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn?

Snog Boris Johnson because he seems like he’d be fun on a night out. Marry Jeremy Corbyn because he has an allotment and he looks like he’d be a good cook. Avoid Theresa May – need I say anything?

What is your favourite Soton night out?

I would be lying if I said anything other than the palace of dreams, but in the last year I’ve started going to the Edge a lot more and I’ve never had a bad time there. 10/10 would recommend.

Who is your dream dinner date?

Nathan Fillion – he’s been in so many sci-fi shows and films though, I think I’d just fanboy the whole time.