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VP Student Communities Candidate Interview: Chang Lian

Here’s what she had to say

What made you want to run for a Saab position?

I have experience of running societies. I have been the Founder and President of Eloquence Communication Enthusiasts Association in my undergraduate period. This provided a platform for members to communicate with like-minded friends and improve their eloquence. The Association expanded from the initial few members into thousands. I organized various activities; invited guests; trained and cultivated members; and created a sense of participation and innovation. I organized and hosted eloquence speeches which promoted members' Mandarin pronunciation and debating skills. I also organised Holiday Reading Month activities and member exchanges.

For work experience, I helped a company plan and run activities. I would like to share my experience with others, and have a great passion for leading student communities.

What’s your favourite point in your manifesto?

Our slogan is 'Be strong, be happy, and be friends.' Some students told me that they always feel lonely – a common problem associated with living in a new environment, especially far from home. This is accompanied by homesickness and fear of the unknown. People are forced to grow up and be strong when they only have themselves to depend on. SUSU can help students relieve pressure through communities that can help them make friends. They can seek help not only from their peers, but also our SUSU staff.

Happiness is the most important factor for us. When students join communities, we can make it easier to find friends and find out what they are truly interested in.

Why are you the best person for this role?

I have brilliant experience and personal capabilities. My leadership and organizational skill are proven. My best trait is that I can understand others’ point of view and mood. Helping me to solve their problems quickly. My experience in voluntary work shows that I am a warm hearted person and willing to help others.

What do you think is currently the weakest area of SUSU?

SUSU needs a training system for all the society leaders. Great training can help managers of societies gain experience in order to handle events and improve their leadership. This way when they graduate from university, they can easily deal with challenges in work.

Some people missed the freshers fayre of the new semester, and they couldn’t find societies. I think SUSU need to make a society timetable that students can access to find out the information they are interested in.

What are you least looking forward to during your election campaign?

People don’t know I am running for the role. You will let more people know me, right?

Snog, marry and avoid: Theresa May, Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn?

My political inclinations are temporarily confidential.

What is your favourite Soton night out?

My favorite night out is The Bridge and the bar in our university. It is partly because I can make some new friends, but also see old friends and catch up.

Who is your dream dinner date?

Benedict Cumberbatch. I like Sherlock Holmes. He is wonderful.