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VP Democracy and Creative Industries Candidate Interview: Tom Brown

Here’s what he had to say

What made you want to run for this position?

I have been thinking about and planning for it for probably over a year but fundamentally it is being frustrated with the way things are and having a passion and desire to change it. Whether it is student apathy towards Union democracy or the way PA has been treated over the years or even the annoyance faced by some of our student media outlets recently. Just wanting to see a change and make things better for all of us.

What’s your favorite point in your manifesto?

That’s a tough one. I think it would my idea to create videos and clearer information as to how Union structures and positions work in order to make it easier to understand and engage with. But to be honest with you I’m just excited by the idea of being able to get them all done if I win!

What do you say to people who say Sabb’s do nothing?

I think it is understandable why some people might think that. And I think it is a shame cause they can do some great work but then there has been some sabbs over the years that may have let that image down. If I were to become one I’d want to be as transparent about what I am up to as possible.

What’s your favourite Southampton club night and why?

Has to be Jesters for me. I like the way you can kinda have any night you wanted whether you want to go crazy on the dance floor or just chill outside with friends and some Jesticles.

Why should people vote for you?

I feel like I bring forward lots of ideas across the board and I am someone who is very dedicated when it comes to getting the job done. I also want to be a candidate/sabb who people can feel like they can come talk to about anything and not someone who will shy away if things don’t work out or ignore people.

What do you think is currently the weakest area of SUSU?

For me it is 100% communication. Whether that is between zones or between the union and societies or fundamentally between SUSU and the students. It is so easy to not know what is really going in within the union or send emails and never get replies to some important questions. It is one of my three key areas of my campaign and my manifesto for this reason.

What’s your favorite thing about Southampton uni or the city in general?

I think about Southampton the City and the University is the wide range of choices and things to do that both of them offer us. Whether its all the fantastic societies or clubs or restaurants. There is just something for everyone and I love that.

If there’s one thing you would want to be remembered for in the elections, what would it be?

For not being a candidate who makes vague promises just to win votes but one that gets straight to the issue and does all he can to resolve it and bring about real change.