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VP Education Candidate Interview: Samuel Dedman

Here’s what he had to say


What made you want to run for the position?

Representing students is something which I started doing back at secondary school and I've honestly had such a brilliant time, meeting some of my best friends and being involved in fantastic projects. Equally I still stand by my belief that representing students is a really valuable and important thing to do. I guess that's the main reason that VP Education appealed to me so much – I get to improve the University experience for students across all of our campuses while getting to know them better in the process.

What is your favourite point in Your manifesto?

I'm proud of all of them, but if I had to pick a favourite point it would have to be "Unpacking printing costs". The price and ease of printing is something which students from across the University have to get to grips with, and therefore being able to introduce more student-friendly University printing would be a fantastic win. Being able to back this up with a robust Union printing offer just makes this all the better!

Snog, marry, avoid- Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May and Boris Johnson?

Oh that is a brilliant question! OK then….

Snog: Theresa May

Marry: Jeremy Corbyn

Avoid: Boris Johnson (especially around zip wires)

So why do you think you’d be the best person for this role?

I'd definitely say that having been Vice-President Education before is a real advantage. I already have a good understanding of how both the Union and University work, and therefore really can hit the ground running in terms of making change and helping students. Plus I'm positive, outgoing and really enjoy working with students to make their experience of studying simper, easier and more enjoyable!

What area of SUSU do you think is the weakest right now?

Postgraduate academic representation is up there in my opinion, and it is definitely something which has been on the radar for us to work on for a long time. I think this is the right moment to take another look at it and try and put something better in place, hence why it appeared on my manifesto this year!

Who is your dream dinner date?

Following the SpaceX launch I'd definitely have to say Elon Musk. Some of his ideas have the potential to genuinely change the world, and it'd be really interesting to pick his brain about what he has in store next.

What are you least looking forward to during the election campaign?

Definitely the long hours, although getting to know all of the other candidates better definitely helps with that!

What’s your favourite night out in Soton?

So I'm definitely more of a pub person, so The Rockstone followed by The Hobbit is definitely my favourite combination.