Everything you’ll experience if you have Tinder in Southampton

To swipe right or to swipe left? That is the question

Whether you’ve been eternally alone, freshly single or just unlucky in love, its likely you’ll have resorted to Tinder at some point. Envisioning yourself getting regular matches, you dig out your best selfies or have a quick photoshoot, get that all important bio written, and off you go…

Everyone in Soton is butters

If you hadn’t already realised from talentless nights out, Tinder will soon show you that good looking folks are like gold dust here.

There are SO many single Solent students

Which only leads you to question whether you have standards, and if so can they slip to allow a cheeky right swipe on one.

Every man and his dog went to Peter Symonds College


Its pretty much always a group effort

Helping you choose your best pics, write your bio or reply to matches, your mates are just as in involved as you are

4 girls, 1 account

There are a lot of guys called Bogdan…

You didn’t even know it was a name.

Emojis can get way overthought

When you actually get to chat to someone, every emoji choice ends up getting over-analysed.

You see way too many people you know

Left swipe that.

Snapchat filters

People still think these are acceptable outside of Snapchat…girls, please ditch the dog filter.

There are more dogs on tinder than guys

Basically every guy features a dog or a cute cat in his photos…can’t say its a bad strategy.

The chat

Some of it is downright creepy.

Actually horrific.