Spring Election Candidates Announced

Voting will be from Mon 26 Feb – Fri 2 March

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The Union has released all the candidates running in the Spring Elections and they are as follows:

Union President

Lii Mohamed

Matt Cowley

Emily Dawes

Grant Green

Shanelle Webb

VP Democracy and Creative Industries

Evie Reilly

Chris Hartland

Tom Brown

VP Education

Alexandra Turda

Samuel Dedman

VP Engagement

Fleur Elizabeth Walsh

Miles Jordan

Charlie Morris

VP Sports Development

Patrick Gilbert

Steve Gore

Jiaxin Wang

VP Student Communities

Yu Mingjie

Emily Harrison

Chang Lian

Harvey Rickatson

VP Welfare

Iona McPherson

Qiaochu Yang

David Williams

Mairin Williams

Miriam Barker

Isabella Camilleri

Olivia Reed

Follow this link to SUSU and see all the candidates profiles.