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Everything you will experience as a girl living in a house full of guys

The rollercoaster of emotions that results from living in a male-dominated house

Whether its only you and one other girl, or even just you and a load of guys, there are certain lessons you learn living in a house full of lads. You might live mostly with guys because you went to an all girls school and can't stand the bitchiness, or maybe you're just one of those girls who seems to only get on with guys, or even all the girls you know hate you. Whatever it is you signed a house with a ratio of 5:2 guys to girls and have since experienced the pros and cons.

Toilet seats

Boys seem to be very incapable of putting the toilet seat down. As a result you come running in desperate for a wee and end up falling into the toilet.

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Fifa, Fifa, Fifa

The TV is split 50:50 between playing Fifa or watching the football. The main talk in the house is whose fantasy team is winning. On the rare occasion that Fifa is not loaded up on the PS4, Call of Duty is.

Beer bottles, everywhere

Not to mention if you lift up the sofa cushions there will be bottle caps underneath.

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Burps, farts and anouncements of going for a shit

You will hear 'I'm going to take a dump' much more regularly than appreciated.

Someone has always left their clothes in the washing machine

Which ususally means they need to rewash it as by that time their clothes are growing mold. Moreover, when they do take their clothes out they seem to leave socks, everywhere. Seriously, how many socks can one guy have?

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Cupboards lined with bulk powder

Better hope they wash up the protein bottles as I can confirm it will stink out a room.

Although it would be nice to occasionally watch Made In Chelsea, or at least something that isn't football, or even to not fall into my toilet when I am least expecting, living with guys isn't all that bad. I am sure they get frustrated with the tampons or make-up wipes littering the bathroom. Not to mention guys always seem to know how to fix the heating. In the end you learn to love them telling you all about their bowel movements, you might even miss getting a bottle cap stuck to your arse as you sit down on the sofa.