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The Undateables’ Daniel Wakeford is coming to Southampton!

So much sexy

Whether or not you like/ agree with the hit Channel 4 show 'The Undateables', you can’t deny that Daniel Wakeford is a bit of a legend. He has become one of the main faces of the programme since his initial appearance in Series 2, helping to break the stigma associated with Autism by proving he can both find love, and achieve his dreams of becoming a rock star.

Daniel begins touring the South this Feb with his band, bringing “The Daniel Wakeford Experience” to London, Tunbridge Wells, Milton Keynes, Plymouth, Lille (in France!), Dover, Swansea and (you guessed it) Southampton.

The writer of the hit classic “Playboy girls” is set to play at Southampton’s own Suburbia on May 17th, and tickets are already on sale.

Despite the cynics, Daniel has already managed to sell out his venues at Tunbridge Wells and Milton Keynes. So, if you want to grab one of these exclusive tickets, you should probably get them ASAP.

Clips of his performance on the show and on stage are pretty much all over Facebook at the moment, so why not see the man himself in the flesh? If anything it’d be a nice lil distraction from the inevitable horror of exam revision. Have a look on Facebook for more information and tickets.