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Changes to University pensions will go ahead

Industrial action was feared but now seems inevitable

The Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), the organisation in charge of a huge number of employees' pensions (around £50bn in value) has declared it will go ahead with its planned changes.

It is said that these alterations will likely cost the average academic and/or lecturer around £200,000 over their retirement years which is a shit tonne of money, but not if you're the Vice Chancellor and his mates.

It was then reported that the Universities and College Union (UCU) had voted in favour of industrial action on Tuesday as a response.

The BBC reported that out of the 68 universities which voted 61 were strongly in favour of action with 88% demanding strikes from an overall turnout of 58%.

It is clear that the decision is hugely unpopular and this won't be last we hear of it.

Sally Hunt, the general secretary of the UCU said: "Universities will be hit with levels of strike action not seen before on UK campuses if a deal cannot be done over the future of USS pensions."

The UCU and USS were in talks to resolve the issue by finding a compromise on the pension issue however this has all gone to shit. It seems that those at the top have, once again, dismissed those who heavily rely on their pensions for later security.

The union stated that strikes will begin on 22 February with a two-day walkout.

As for students this will undoubtedly affect the mood and morale on campus and industrial action will cause direct disruption to lectures and seminars.

Food for thought.