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What your library outfit says about you

Go on, spot ’em

It’s nearing exam season, and finding a seat in Hartley is almost as hard as actually getting work done with all these Black Friday sales.

So, while you’re reassuring yourself you’re going to finish that essay whilst scrolling down Facebook, you might as well read this. Look around and see if you can spot them.

The ‘Makeup-On-Fleek’ look

You spend more time telling people you’re going to do work than actually doing it. You’ve worn your Chelsea boots and jacket to the library, just so you can look good when you send all those snapchats with the Hartley filter.

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You open up Word and spend the rest of the time online shopping

The ‘I Literally Woke Up Like This’ one

Usually featuring yesterday's makeup, or the classic hoodie-joggers combo. You have an essay. Or an exam. And you’re stressing. Your flatmates are being fucking loud and you need to finish the last 5 chapters of the textbook before your exam in an hour’s time. We've all been there.

The ‘Cap-‘N’-Trainers’ combo

You act like you don’t care about your degree. Working is for losers. But you also really want a good mark, and your essay is due in a week. You don’t want anyone to see you actually working so you skulk away in the library and tell people you’re at the gym. Either that, or all your flat are at the library and you wanna annoy them and everyone else by sitting around and laughing.

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The ‘Unmatching Socks’ feature

It’s fine, you're trying. But we can defo tell you’ve got a million and one other things to do and are kidding yourself that you’re getting them done.

The ‘Sportswear’ (pt.1)

You want people to know you have your life together. Getting your work done. Going to the gym. You fucking love those multicoloured revision cards. Yeah yeah, we envy you.

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The ‘Sportswear’ (pt.2)

You want people to think you have your life together, but in actual fact you forgot to do a wash and ran out of clothes to wear. Plus, these running leggings are super comfy. I guess you’ve achieved something by actually getting to the library, right?

The ‘Blanket Poncho’ look

Often accompanied by a cappuccino. Either you’re so tired you’re gonna fall asleep within 20 minutes of sitting down, or you have a lot of work that has to be in by tomorrow. Or both. Either way you’ll be here for a while… good luck.

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The 'Hugeeee Rucksack Guy'

We get it, you do engineering. I'm sure you don't need to carry quite as many books around with you, but whatever makes you happy.

Thanks to Kitty Graham-Scott for the sketches