Which restaurant on Deliveroo is your course?

Are you a Pizza Hut or a Dominos?

An absolute student staple, Deliveroo is the one constant you can rely on always being there during your time at Soton…much like your degree!

Biomed – Pizza Hut

You didn’t make it into Medicine, and your pizzas are kind of average like your grades. Nothing quite like a Dominoes, classic, like those real doctors in training.

A thing of pure beauty…

Business and Marketing – GBK

A little bit mainstream, but never fails to disappoint. Side note: skinny fries for the win.

Engineering – Portswood Piri Piri

Just like the Roosters Piri Piri chain, you’re all over Southampton, it’s practically swarming with you. Mech, Aero, Civil…just like those chicken wraps, how many different combinations of dry are there?

Fashion and Textile Design – Charlie’s Bargain Booze

Much like the course, everyone’s just really surprised you’re here.

Geography – Burger King

When there are better options like TGIs or KFC, Archaeology or Oceanography, there is only one question on everyone’s mind: why would you do it?

History – Scoops

A really nice idea, and you enjoy it at first, but by the end you start to get a bit sick of it.

So much going on…

Marine Biology – Shrimp and Burger

(Pun unintentional), You think you’re edgy, doing something so different, but like the restaurant itself, where even is the NOC? And who really wants to spend the day on a boat on the Solent?

Maths – Mango Thai Tapas

The potential to be a great success in the near future, with a 3 part chain already, you actually thought about employability after you leave Soton. And just look at the cocktails…

One word: Wow

Modern Languages – La Baronia

You’re independent, totally underrated, and incredibly good value; you’re an experience.

Nursing – Boost Juice Bar

A lot of effort, for a bit of an anti-climactic result. All those tough placements full of blood, sweat, tears and undoubtedly more…only to leave uni and join the fight for higher pay.

Zoology – Wok & Go

Kind of basic, you’re more about your Instagram aesthetic than studying. Chopsticks and paper boxes, somewhat underwhelming.