The ultimate question: should you get with your flatmate?

The great debate continues

It’s the one golden nugget of advice you hear throughout freshers: “don’t shit where you eat”.

Love at first stalk

Ever since you passed them in the corridor of your new flat, piles of unpacked boxes between you, you felt some kind of tension. You had already stalked them on all social media, but seeing them in the flesh, they seem fitter and suddenly, wonderfully real. You’re single, ready to mingle, and live up to the fresher reputation. A flatmate seems like an easy first pull for the chart, you’re both going home to the same place anyway, and think of the sex on tap!


What’s a uni flat without a pull chart?

Fresher’s Week Itch

Almost 3 weeks of incessant and unadulterated seshing, watching everyone else get with different people every night out while you’re stuck getting with the same person? No thanks! There’s nothing quite like pulling a randomer; you’re less likely to see them around afterwards (at least you hope so) and there are no awkward strings attached. And anyway, where’s the sense of trying something new? Experimenting? How will you ever know that hoeing is your forte, or one night stands suit your fear of commitment?

Friends with benefits = Sexually Transmitted Emotions

Does friends with benefits really work? The answer is always no. Yes it seems great having someone to procrastinate with by Netflix and chilling…and getting your daily exercise from the comfort of your bed isn’t bad, but when Wednesday rolls around and they head off for their social, not to return until the early morning in last nights clothes…you find yourself taming the psycho within. Plus, who has the time or the energy for that? Not to mention the flat gossips will absolutely wet themselves over the endless drama this shenanigan will provide…ugh.

Incestuous or ingenious?

Soul mates

But what if you really do find something real? Living with someone alongside other people lets you get to know them intimately, without getting too on top of each other. You could potentially become best friends before anything further, a great foundation to something longer term. Being a serious couple in the same flat has so many benefits; you don’t have to get a bus to their halls just to snuggle, they’re always there to make shit food with and there’s no walk of shame (well, only across the corridor!). Finding someone can potentially help make first year memories even more special.