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There’s a socialist students march happening in Southampton

On the day of Theresa May’s budget proposal

The Socialist Students Southampton marched on the 21st of on the Redbrick in protest of the government's budget bill.

They hung their banners and waved their flags on campus in support for Jeremy Corbyn and free education.

It also seems last week's news that the University is proposing 75 job cuts across six areas (English, law, chemistry, music, tribology and social sciences) added fuel the fire.

The Facebook event of the march reads:

"Join us to Protest for Free Education on the Redbrick on the day that the government sets their budget.

"We have a weak and divided Tory government and a leader of the opposition in Jeremy Corbyn who supports a Free Education and Scrapping of Tuition Fees.

"On the day that Theresa May (tries) to put her budget through, we will be joining other protests, led by Socialist Students up and down the country.

"We want as many people as possible to get involved, what can you do to help us build for the day?

"Uni of Students, Solent Students, College Students, School Students, all welcome!"

"The budget bill was proposed to Parliament this morning by the Chancellor Philip Hammond.

A summary and analysis of which can be found here.

Free education

The debate surrounding this issue has caught fire since Corbyn made surprising ground in May's snap election earlier this year.

Should we have to pay tuition fees?

One could argue that many young people are discouraged from attending University because of the cost – simply because their families cannot afford it. Should people miss out on higher education and the invaluable life lesson we all receive at Uni because of a lack of money?

Or is it right we pay the fees?

By paying tuition we, as a student body, automatically gain more authority to demand changes to Uni life than if it were free. Furthermore, if we did not pay it would inevitably mean a tax rise for the population, many of whom did not attend University. Is that fair?

Food for thought.

If you'd like to get in contact or join the Socialist Society you can find them on Facebook along with the other political societies at the University.

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Socialist Students Southampton

Southampton University Conservative Association

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