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‘Just ‘cos I’m a Tory ​doesn’t mean I’m a wanker’: We met the conservatives on campus

Yes there is a Conservative Society

The popularity of Jeremy Corbyn has increased massively over the last few years, especially with young voters. The Labour leader, however, isn't the only choice for us students and young conservatives on campus are often overlooked and recieve more abuse for their views than Labour voters.

A recent October poll found that only 14 percent of 18-24 year olds would consider voting Conservative at the next general election, whenever that may be. So we wanted to find out what is was like being in such a small minority.

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Photos via the Southampton University Conservative Association

We spoke to the president of the conservative society to find out a bit more about being a student conservative.

What's your experience of being a conservative on Soton campus and have you received any abuse?

"I can only recall one or two incidents of 'abuse' but I use the term lightly because one of them was them sticking two fingers up at me and the other was just calling me a "Tory Wanker". My experience at Southampton has been overwhelmingly positive and I get on very well with other members of political societies here."

Do you think that young conservatives are judged or criticised unfairly?

''Yes I do. I think part of it is down to social media where people can make gross mischaracterisations of the Conservative's intentions. The perception is perpetuated so much that people end up believing utter nonsense about the conservative society which, if you actually thought about it for two seconds, would make no sense at all"

What would you say to any young people who would consider voting Conservative?

"I would say that I'm glad you'd consider voting Conservative and to make sure you look up the benefits of our policies and see the data and statistics that back up our successful policies. Also look up why Jeremy Corbyn's policies when proposed in the past also failed."

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Looking on Facebook, both the Conservative and Labour societies have similar likes and members. Suggesting that Southampton may be more Conservative than the national average or just a politically innactive campus.

If you wish to talk about your politcal experience on campus get in touch and let us know.