Every type of student chef you’ll come across

Are you a Pasta-saurus too?

Uni can be stressful, balancing hard work and hard sesh can be tough. But where amongst all this does one find the time to cook and/or eat healthy?  We have managed to distil the essence of every type of student chef into 8 categories. Which one are you?

The Toast-a-holic

Marmite on toast for breakfast. Cheese on toast for lunch. Beans on toast for dinner. Sleep. Repeat.

Marmite, cheese, beans, repeat.

Maybe sometimes jam. Spends half their student loan on bread.

The Ready Meal Man

Sainsbury’s taste-the-difference Tikka Masala? Don’t mind if I do. Did you know they do Lasagna for 90p?

This person has total command over the microwave and asserts their territory by making sure it smells like curry 24/7. Doesn’t know how to boil an egg, does know how to pierce film lid several times and place on high heat for 3 minutes.

The Pastasaurus Rex

Me: What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

Pasta sauce: Serves 4.

Al dente a-plenty

The Nug Queen

Eats like a 5 year old. Nugs will always be accompanies by either potato waffles or smiley faces. The Nug Queen will stick to this strict diet for their entire university career.

The Ghost

Never seen to be cooking, one might assume this maverick needs no nutrition. This illusion is soon shattered by the sheer volume of washing up they leave in their wake, ones mind soon turns from awe to contempt as you rethink your life choices whilst cleaning up after them.

The One That Thinks They’re a Legit Chef

Made a chilli once using a sachet of powder instead of a jar of sauce. Now thinks they are Gordon Ramsay and tries to take charge when cooking Christmas dinner. You put them on chopping parsnips just to shut them up.

Cooked to perfection

The Actual Chef

Has a cupboard devoted to herbs, spices, sauces, etc. Constantly debating what to have for dinner that night. Will go out of their way to buy food even though they already have food, but not the food they want right now. Unlike Gordon this one is useful.

The Takeaway Tyrant

Single-handedley responsible for 90% of Just Eat’s annual profit. Probably has high cholesterol and/or type 2 diabetes.