What your area of Southampton says about you

Let’s be real, there’s only one reason you live near Aldi

That time of year has come, looking for a new house. For some, this amounts to hours of scouring for the perfect location, and to others, not. But what does your choice of living situation say about you?


We get it, you study. You probably also go to bed at 9pm every night because its so important you be on campus for your 9am, 10 minutes before your lecturer. Please get a life. Granted there are some nice pubs. Who wants to drink £4 pints with the locals when Stags is a legit 5 minute walk away? No-one, that’s who.


You’re struggling to let go of your fresher days in Glen Eyre. Most likely because anywhere beyond the U1C route is alien territory.  By day you only ever went between Glen and Highfield, and by night you were always too smashed to learn the rest of the city. As punishment for your misgivings you have been forced to confine yourself to the harsh conditions of Glen Nevis.

Some people just can’t let go of halls

Sainsbuy’s end of Portswood

Ahh, you have picked a prime location. Close enough to jesters/sobar that you can be called to the sesh at the drop of a hat, yet close enough to campus that attending your lectures seems less like a pipe-dream. Plus, you have the Mecca of stress eating right on your doorstep. You are wise.

Aldi end of Portswood

You spend all your money on quad-vods and jesticles. After yet another heavy night on the sesh you awake thinking: “Am I gonna schlap all he way to campus just for one lecture? No I am not. I am not a moron, I can just watch it later on Blackboard.” Famous last words.

2 doors down from the real reason you live there


You go to Solent. Sorry.


Either you have some reason to be near the hospital on the reg, or you really need to get a grip on your life. Why would you think this is a good idea it’s literally nowhere near Uni.

Swaythling (i.e. near Wessex Lane)

Me: “Why would someone want to live in Swaythling?”

Editor: “I don’t know”

Need I go on?