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Southampton uni is officially the worst in the UK for missing lectures

Jesters Monday + 9am Tuesday = Not happening

A new study has discovered that Southampton Uni is the worst in the UK for missing lectures.

The study, conducted by, asked 5,089 students across the country about their living habits and attendance levels.

It revealed that Southampton students topped the list, missing on average a whopping 10 lectures per month. We managed to beat every other uni in the country, including Cardiff, Manchester and UWE, who missed an average of 6, 7 and 3 lectures per month respectively.

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I'll watch the lecture tomorrow

These were the top reasons students gave for not turning up to lectures:

1. Didn't get enough sleep the night before the lecture – 21%

2. Too hungover to attend the lecture – 14%

3. The lecture was too early in the morning – 8%

4. Wasn't well enough to attend the lecture – 6%

5. Had no way of travelling to the lecture – 3%

Are we spending too much time in Jesters? Is it time to miss a Sobar Tuesday and actually make that Wednesday lecture? Surely not. It's good to see that we all know how to put the sesh before our degree.

Congratulations, Soton!