Every type of person in Jubilee gym

We all know who I mean…

All the gear no idea

They're covered head to toe in Nike, Adidas or GymShark, but probably going backwards on the crosstrainer.

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Something tells me that's wrong…

Skipped leg day

Tiny legs and massive arms, they'll claim it's because their legs 'just won't put on muscle', but we all know they can't break the habit of only working out their arms.

Muscle man

You'll find him lifting weights, flexing in the mirror and wearing some very short shorts and a vest.

The gymnast

You'll find them hanging from the bars upstairs in a very contorted position.

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Beautiful babe

Her make-up probably weighs more than the weights she's lifting and there's not a moment when she doesn't look fabulous…but really…is she working out at all?

The marathon runner

They're on lap 10 on the treadmill on a speed of 13 whilst you're panting after running at a speed of 10 for 5 minutes.

The Yoga Expert

They make you wonder how it is possible for someone to be so bendy.

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The girl we all want to be

She has the perfect squat, she looks amazing with no make-up on and has the abs that everyone dreams of.

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Look at that booty