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An ode to Portswood

It’s just the best


This seemed like the best news in the world until you realise you can't. afford. anything.


Charlie's Bargain Booze 

This little gem was certainly a pleasant surprise for everyone! Charlie's £10.99 vodka is probably Southampton's most purchased item, even though it tastes like shit.

Open for 14 hours a day, it is the perfect pitstop just before pres, house parties or walking to the club to get the necessities. From cigs and K cider to gum and a 6-pack of water – depending on where the night takes you.

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Let's just get a taxi from Charlie's?

Coffee #1

Cheaper than Starbucks and Costa coffee, they also serve a variety of juices and smoothies to make you feel that bit better about yourself after the rainbow of quadvods you absorbed the night before.

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Have you tried the Portuguese tart?

7 Bone Burger

The perfect hangover cure to make you feel even worse about yourself after a rainbow of quadvods.

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S/o to the residents of Tennyson Road and Shakespeare Avenue!

The walk to Sobar/Jesters

Nights out are suddenly cheaper, scenic and FUCKING FREEZING.

The random hair salon that looks like it's been here since the 80's.

And the same old lady in there every morning getting her hair permed.

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It isn't acceptable in the 80s

Trago Lounge

The place to go when you wake up feeling a bit classy and deluded enough to believe you can afford "brunch".

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Wait! Let me take a picture

It's unattractive, reasonably unsafe and we LOVE it.