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Every type of night out students have in Southampton

We know how to party in Soton

Nights out are a big part of uni life, and here in Southampton we are spoilt for choice. Whichever club you decide to go to, you will definitely have one of these types of nights.


Nights out during Freshers' Week are usually the most memorable of the year, because everyone is in the mood for meeting new people and having a mad time. You will definitely talk to every single person you see and, girls, you’ll meet your soul mate in the club toilets. You know you’ve had a Freshers' night out when you wake up to a bathroom selfie with some strangers.

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Freshers' Ball is always hyped

The spontaneous night

Sometimes deciding to go out at 10pm is the best decision you’ll ever make. You’ll be sat there in your PJs, there is a suggestion to go out, and you cave. The excitement is almost too much when there’s only half an hour to get ready and get smashed before hitting the club. Spontaneous nights out in Southampton almost always end up in Jesters or Sobar.

The messy one

“I’m only going to have one drink tonight!” Famous last words. We’ve all been there, and we’ve definitely all looked after someone who’s been messy. Cut to 2.30am and they are licking the shot they spilled off the bar, and you’re going to have to be the one to hold their hair back over the toilet while they are throwing up. And if you’re the lucky one that gets to experience the messy night out, it’s a right laugh while you’re at the club, but a terrible decision once you’re in that 9am the next morning.

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The calm before the storm…

The sober night

These are surprisingly not that bad, but they’re not that good either. Maybe you’re the designated driver, or maybe you’re on antibiotics so you can’t drink. There’s no shame in wanting to go out and just have a little boogie but avoid that hangover the next day. Whatever your situation, a sober night out is all well and good, unless you happen to be in the company of an extremely drunk person (see: messy night out) and automatically you are the one that has to look after them. That’s not fun at all.

The disappointing event

There’s so much hype around these nights, and it never fully lives up to the expectation. It could be Halloween, a friend’s 21st, or a fun sounding event at Junk. Tickets sell out two weeks in advance and everyone can’t stop talking about what they are going to wear. But alas, they are just never as good as the spontaneous nights.

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Didn’t make it past pres

Sometimes there can be too much excitement for a night out. This then results in dying at pre's and your flatmate having to put you to bed before they even leave for the club. You probably missed a smashing night out, but at least you got your eight hours sleep.


These are my personal favourite. After a long day of lectures or trying to keep up with deadlines in the library, you really deserve to take a break and let loose. Grab your best mates and a jägerbomb, it’s about to get wild.