Students’ Union Vice-President banned from all uni bars after participating in 350 Jäegerbomb train

He has been banned indefinitely for rowdy drunken behaviour

Southampton Students’ Union Vice-President Engagement, Dan Varley has been banned from entering any uni bars due to his inappropriate drunken behaviour.

He was seen involved in  a 350 man Jäegerbomb train, where people were lined up and made to drink 350 Jäegerbombs between them.

He then allegedly pulled someone’s trousers down, according to an article by Wessex Scene, after which Varley was removed from the bar and subsequently banned indefinitely for unruly behaviour.

According to a source at the Union, Varley has received multiple complaints about his behaviour and this incident “was the last straw since he was already in trouble”.

Many students have also commented that Varley’s behaviour encourages excessive drinking. One student was at the bar when the 350 Jäegerbomb train took place. She told Soton Tab: “It happened at the rep awards which is a very formal event. The Jäeger train was the part of the evening I think people enjoyed the most. The train didn’t really work though so he had to run round and push the shot glasses when it got stuck.”

One of Varley’s roles as VP Engagement is to build social relationships with Southampton students, which will now prove difficult as he is banned from multiple social areas.

In addition, his office is now much harder for Varley to access, as some of the staircases leading to it are part of the Union bars, where he is banned. The multiple meeting rooms in the building will now also be inaccessible.

Varley’s role as VP Engagement is now in jeopardy due to his drunken antics. He states in his manifesto: “I have a few plans for the year, like looking into what type of night time events the Union hosts”. Unfortunately Dan looked a little too hard.

The Tab approached Mr Varley but he declined to comment.