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YoBikes in Southampton

It’s definitely cheaper than a bus pass

YoBike is a new shared-cycling programme that has recently been popping up around Southampton. With their motto 'Get Around for just £1', this company making getting around the city even easier.

In three simple steps you can be riding one of these bikes round Southampton. Start by downloading the YoBike app, avaliable on Google Play or iTunes App Store. Once downloaded open the app and follow the registration progress – it's very quick!

Next you can locate your nearest YoBike from the homepage of the YoBike app. Once you've found a bike, simply scan the QR code on the back of the bike to unlock it.

Once you are done using your bike simply find one of the many allocated parking spaces, close the lock on the bike's rear wheel, and mark your trip as complete on the app.

The whole process sounds extremely easy and convenient, but how expensive is it? Well actually, not very. For one hour of cycling it will cost you £1, for a day of cycling it will cost you £5, and to sign up for a membership, meaning you will get 2 hours per day for a year, will only set you back £39 – much cheaper than a bus pass, and a great way to keep fit!

For more information visit the website here.