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Everything you will need in every club in Southampton

Well all the best ones anyway

We really know how to party in Southampton, and we've got a club for every night of the week. Here are a few things you need for each of the best clubs we all know and love.


Dirty shoes

A jesticle

£10 or less Jesters is easily the cheapest night out in Southampton

Top off for when Baywatch comes on so a nice (ish) bra for the girls

A friend to go in the twobicle with

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The infamous twobicle


Not particularly nice clothes for when said quadvod inevitably spills on you

Cigarette (Sobar has the best smoking area)

Bruises from when you fall down the stairs

Pee all over your legs when you can't wait for that enormous queue

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Best smoking area in Southampton




ID is essential in every Southampton club, but especially Occies because it gets scanned

No signal

Maccie Ds

Booth (optional)

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The main room in Oceana




More jagerbombs

Lyrics for all the cheesy songs from all your school discos

All your flatmates popworld is always a big night out

Your best dance moves for on the pole


More money than normal (especially if you are going on a Saturday or an event night)

Subway after

Some random inflatable animal

Sunglasses for all the laser lights

Tolerance for people who are high (we all know people drop at Switch)

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The lasers in Switch are mad