The most tragic things about going into second year

Oh how we miss first year

First years have it easy, and going into second year really hits you like a tonne of bricks. Deadlines, living by yourself outside the comfort of halls, and your bank account slowly getting lower and lower all contribute to second years longing for first year again. Not to mention that second year actually counts… *shudder*

You can’t go out every day of the week anymore

Yes you could go to Oceana on Wednesday night, but this year you actually do need to go to your Thursday 9am. You can’t just skip it and get notes from your mate like first year. Sad times.

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Weeknight clubbing we miss you

Spending six plus hours in the library

Every day second year students dream of the good old days when going into uni for an hour lecture seemed like a hard day’s work. The work is a big jump from first year so now you have to get yourself to the library reading, writing essays, doing group work… not at all like Freshers.

That couple that thought they could live together and have now split up

A classic love story. They met in halls and decided to move in together in second year, but soon enough they find out why everyone advises “don’t shit where you eat”. Only two months down the line and they can’t stand each other anymore, making the rest of their house terrified to go downstairs and make a cup of tea.

Getting a bit drunk from one Hobbit cocktail

In your old second-year ways your tolerance has gone down and just the one Frodo gets you feeling a bit tipsy.

Or maybe you are the other way round- as a seasoned second year it takes a lot more than just a few cheap VKs to get you to that level, so now you are paying £25 a night on drink. Ouch.

Drinks at the Hobbit

Actually having to pay for the bus

In first year you could get the bus everywhere because of your lovely free bus pass. Second years wouldn’t dream of spending £2 on a single so walking all the way into town is the only option.

Trying to not get damp in your student house

Why is everything wet?

Mould is pretty much a given in any Southampton student house. Now you don’t have the handy plumbers, builders, and other tradespeople from halls, you have to look after the house yourself. Students have tried everything from opening the windows to expensive dehumidifiers but somehow everything is slightly damp. Unfortunately, mouldy shoes are a real thing.

A tragic case of mouldy shoes

Not having halls washing machines anymore

Second year only truly comes around when everyone in your house is stood around the washing machine trying to work out how it works. What do all those buttons do?

It makes you think the expense of halls washing machines were truly worth it. How we long for the days of complaining about circuit laundry.

Your work actually counts towards your degree

In first year everyone relies on “it’s fine, first year doesn’t even count!”. You can’t depend on that anymore. The carefree days of first year are over, and this is where the real work starts.