The best spots to shag in Hartley Library

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Nothing brings two people closer together than a few too many long, stress-filled nights in the library. It’s getting late, your hands accidentally touch while you reach for a highlighter, and the sexual tension sparks…

Whether you’re two friends overstressed and in need of some relief or a couple keen to tick another location of the list, don’t risk getting caught half way through your magic moment! Here are, supposedly, the best places to get down and dirty in Soton’s place of learning.

The new study ‘pods’

The introduction of the new pods on the first floor has caused a lot of excitement – they’re a place where you can have your snacks and do some work, while putting your feet up in your own private study space. However, it seems some people have a different idea and I can hardly blame them – you have privacy, you have a chair and table space and on the bottom floor, people are usually talking so you don’t have to worry about being too quiet.

Group study rooms

To most people this location probably seems like a very bad idea because of its large glass wall that faces into the library, however, its one of the few places you can hire out – ensuring you get no unexpected interruptions. Also, the room is fairly sound proof so, if you’re well hidden in the room, it’s unlikely you’d get caught!

The ‘Quiet Study Rooms’ on the 5th floor

These are two rooms next to each other, on floor 5, back behind the stairs, to the right – so pretty hidden away! During prime Library-going time, these would most likely be full. However, if you plan well, you could easily find one of the two rooms empty, providing you with more space than you need, a private room and a light switch to set the mood.

The ‘Archives and Rare Books’ area

I happened upon this while trying to find somewhere to sit on a busy Monday afternoon, I didn’t go beyond this point because it seemed rather intimidating, but can’t really imagine many people are in need of archives and rare books all that often. So, if you’re feeling adventurous, give it a go! (Just don’t damage the books)

Between two bookshelves

This is one of the riskier choices but may well be your only option if the library is busy and the two of you (or maybe more?) are getting desperate. It would be advised that you find two bookshelves holding books that aren’t likely to be taken out every five minutes (unless thats all you need). This spot may be dangerous but perhaps that’s what an overworked, hormonal student is looking for…


Happy Shagging! x