Lies Southampton students tell themselves when their loan comes in

Nothing lasts forever

Every student waits for that wonderful little text from student finance saying your loan will arrive in your bank account in 3-5 working days. Seeing more money in your bank than there has ever been makes you tell just a few porkies to yourself. It’s the few sweet days of student life when you can pretend to be rich. Don’t kid yourself.

You can successfully budget for the whole semester

All that lovely money rolls in, and the calculator comes out. You convince yourself you could easily spend less than £15 a week on nights out, and you won’t go to Scoops as much this semester. Then three weeks later you’ve spent most of your budget on just one night out and you’re going for the Scoops hat trick.

How wrong you were.

You can afford branded cheese

After completing your shiny new budget, you get to Sainsbury’s and decide to treat yourself to some Cathedral City. Or maybe Pilgrim’s Choice is more your thing. Either way it will be the worst value £4.50 you’ve spent all year.

Why is cheese so expensive?

You won’t regret that extra round of drinks

“This round’s on me!” Famous last words.

£20 isn’t too much to pay for a bottle of vodka

Once your bank account is nice and full, you have a whole new perspective in life. So you decide it’s time to treat yourself to some Smirnoff, because not all students need to mix basics vodka with squash.

Wrong. They do. A month later you’re looking for the cheapest alcohol with the highest percentage in Aldi.

£7 isn’t too much to pay for a cocktail

We’ve all been there. The loan comes in- “Let’s go to Turtle Bay for cocktails!” But you at least go at Happy Hour- you are still a student after all. But alas, once the end of the semester comes around you couldn’t dream of spending more than £3 on a cocktail (if you can even call a Jesticle a cocktail).

Some wildly expensive Turtle Bay cocktails

Taking your contactless card on a night out is a good idea

When you forget to get cash out before leaving for your night out, you feel relieved when you remember you have your contactless card. And the regret only sets in the next morning when you look at your bank account and see you have spent £50 on Jagerbombs…

You won’t go into your overdraft like last year

Everyone fools themselves into thinking this. The good thing is as soon as you’ve spent all your money on booze and cheese the next installment of your loan comes through.