The ultimate Southampton University bucket list

Try them all!


Whether or not you think Southampton is a nice place to live, being at Uni here is pretty cool. We can boast the common, a mediocre night life, and Boaty McBoatface, however, we also have a larger than average crime rate. But you can’t have it all eh? Whether you are a bright eyed fresher, or in your final year, have a look at our ultimate university bucket list, and see how many you can tick off!

Late night Manzils

Tariq Manzil has gained a decent reputation in Soton as the place to go for a late night curry. Open until 3am, it’s great after a night at Jesters if you want to avoid the temptation of a sweaty doner kebab. You’re not really a Soton Uni student until you’ve been here.

Sobar Quadvods

Tuesday night is Sobar night. If the £1 doubles and shots aren't enough to tempt you, the Quadvods should. 4 full vodka shots with a mixer- what’s not to love? Most people claim they can't taste the alcohol which is a bonus.

Karaoke at Stags

Karaoke is held every Thursday from 9pm, in Stags by the redbrick. Whether you want a chilled evening at the uni bar with some mediocre entertainment, or to fulfil your dreams of being on the big small stage, this is the place to be. If you’re feeling adventurous, grab a bunch of friends and belt out a crowd pleaser.

Jesters gold card

Jesters – the club everyone hates to love. Voted one of the worst nightclubs in the UK, but one nobody can resist, take the Gold Card Challenge to get free entry for a year. You could save some serious cash. All you need to do is stay in Jesters for 12 hours straight to win yourself one of these coveted prizes. But don't forget your Jester’s shoes! *

*Jesters shoes- crappy shoes you wear to Jesters that you don’t mind getting wrecked. Cause they will get wrecked. Trust me.

Try a Jesticle

Following on from the Jesters Gold Card, while you’re in there you might as well try a Jesticle. Most of this drink will probably end up down your top or on the floor, but it’s always nice while it lasts. If you don't like the sound of a Jesticle, a Juicy Lucy is a good bet.

The infamous Jesticle

The infamous Jesticle

Join a society

This is less specific, but still important. You don't want to go through your Uni life without having joined any societies. Whether for the friends, the skills, or the socials, it’s worth it.

Get a shout out on Surge Radio

This is Southampton's Uni radio. Get a shout-out, have a laugh.

Have a BBQ on the common

The common is the huge parkland right next to avenue campus. When the weather's good it's crammed with students trying to soak up the sun while it lasts. Join them- get a group of mates together for a BBQ or a picnic. It's nice.

Do something for charity

The redbrick is always inhabited by someone raising money for a good cause. Whether selling cakes, or completing a 12-hour bike ride, go down and support them, or set up your own charity event. RAG is always looking for new people, so why not give it a shot?

Go to the Isle of Wight

Ok technically this isn't in the city itself, but is still worth the journey. Only £8 return to hop on a ferry over there. The Isle of Wight festival in June isn’t bad either.

Go to Bournemouth beach

Again, not actually in Southampton, but near enough to make the list. The sandy beaches make it a popular place during summer, but worth a visit when the weather is nice. In August, there are some outdoor cinema screenings near the pier.

Walk the city walls

These are nice to look at, and there are often events up by West Quay, like the Lights Show last winter.

See someone perform at the 02 Guildhall

The 02 Guildhall has boasted a range of artists’ performances, from the Kooks to Pink Floyd. Have a look on the website to see what’s coming up.

Go to the Winchester Christmas Market

Ok so I’ll stop naming things which are technically not in Southampton after this, but I couldn’t leave this out. With its roasted chestnuts and large variety of gift stalls, it is voted one of the best in Europe, and a great trip to get you feeling all Christmassy.

Go to Sprinkles or Scoops

We have a lot of ice cream shops here in Soton. Not that I’m complaining. But a visit to Sprinkles or Scoops is essential in your first few weeks here. There’s not much of a difference between them- they sell similar ice creams/waffles and both have an American diner kinda vibe, so it’s up to you which side you choose.

Complete ‘The Fellowship’ in The Hobbit

The Hobbit is a pub down by Jesters. The Fellowship Challenge involves drinking each of the hobbit themed drinks on offer to bag yourself a free t-shirt and access to the limited edition Nazgul cocktail.

Go to Varsity

Every year, Southampton sports teams battle it out with Portsmouth to win the Varsity title. This year it’s held in Soton, so there’s no excuse not to cheer on your favourite teams. There’s usually an afterparty in Oceana included with the ticket, which is a bonus.

Uni Christmas Lights switch-on

This isn’t a massive event; however, they have a range of food stalls, fake snow and music.

Pull an ‘all nighter’ at the library

This may be a necessity rather than optional, but pulling an all-nighter at the library is something that is going to happen. Bring lots of snacks and coffee and you’ll be alright (probably).

Picnic in the Valley gardens

The botanical gardens are one of the university’s lesser known gems. Around the back of the SUSU building, it was used by the biology department after World War 2 for growing specific breeds of plant, but was neglected for years. Fortunately, the Uni decided to re-open it to students in 2008.

Oceana cheese room

Oceana is the best club in Southampton (sorry Switch lovers) due to the sheer range of music genres. The cheese room is usually a necessity for a good night out, but if it isn’t your thing, there’s plenty else on offer.

Go to a random lecture

Go to a lecture that isn’t related to your degree. Who knows – you might enjoy it.


IKEA is a day trip in itself. There’s the huge range of homeware you can buy for your Uni room, or if you’re all set, then it’s worth a trip just for the infamous meatballs. Trust me.

Mayflower Park Fireworks

You do have to pay to get into Mayflower Park for the fireworks, but looking over the dock, they are spectacular. If you’ve already spent your loan by November, you can still see the display from further back without having to pay.

Go to a Ball

There are a number of balls put on throughout the year, but the most popular seem to be Freshers Ball, the Christmas Ball and Summer Balls. It’s an excuse to dress up fancy, and last Christmas, Steve and Chris from Gogglebox were serving drinks.

Go to a Foam Party

You will get foam in your mouth and be freezing when you step outside, but it’s a fun night.

Celebrate different cultures

Go to an event you haven’t been to before, such as Holi. Not only is it a lot of fun, but you might learn something new.

Go to the docks

Go say hi to Boaty McBoatface.

Go to Ocean Village

Based on the mouth of the river Itchen, a lot of money has been invested in its redevelopment. There are a number of nice reastaurants to try nearby, and the view isn't bad either.

Mo’s roller disco

Take a trip back to the 70s and have a go at Mo’s roller disco. Look online for tickets, it’ll be a laugh.